Pathological Entities:  Homoeopathy Redefined

Pathological Entities:  Homoeopathy Redefined

Though homeopathy was discovered, introduced and promoted by leading allopathy doctors, we are not able to pump it into the heads of a majority of allopaths.  We have to explain our system to them in a palatable way.

For this, let us talk about our system to allopaths in their own language.   Pathological entity!  Pathological entity!  This terminology is not used in other medical systems except allopathy.  The patient has a daily evening paroxysm of chill, followed by heat (or fever) and again by sweat.  A blood test reveals the presence of the malaria parasite and the patient is branded as suffering from malarial fever.  For allopathy, malaria is a pathological entity.  So are cancer and diabetes mellitus etc.  The latter is due to malfunctioning of the pancreas.  

However, apart from various pathological entities as classified in allopathy textbooks, if at all an allopath come across a disease (symptoms of which had not been so far classified by a Dr. Parkinson or Dr. Meniere) he would only  merely say that it is not a disease and so refers the patient to a psychiatrist or physiotherapy.

There are many more pathological entities from time immemorial in humans, but not so far classified in allopath textbooks by a Dr. Meniere or Dr. Parkinson.  Let us consider a few actual cases to illustrate this point.

Case No. 1: A woman brought her son, a boy of eleven and she said, “Doctor, daily morning at 8 a.m. he would become restless and start running here and there; this would last for fifteen minutes; thereafter he would pass watery stools.  After coming from the toilet, he would lie down and sleep for twenty minutes after which he becomes normal and then goes to school.  This is repeated day after day for the last four months.  We have done endoscopy etc.”

In this case, a homoeopathy physician does not merely look at the endoscopy findings nor give different remedies for restlessness, loose bowel movements, etc., but would simply give one dose and the patient is cured.

Under the homoeo remedy Cuprum-met. (in the homoeo reference work Boericke’s Mat. Med.) we find the following:

Symptoms are disposed to appear periodically and in groups.

Cuprum met-1M, a single dose cured the patient.  

The pathological entities, not found in allopathy textbooks but which are as they exist in humans from time immemorial, are otherwise called in homoeopathy as rare-strange-peculiar or uncommon symptoms.  [Section 153 of the Organon.]

Every allopathic doctor, at one time or other in his practice, would have come across cases similar to Case No. 1 above—three symptoms following one another in sequence and periodically.  You need not wait for a Dr. Meniere or Dr. Parkinson to identify this as a distinct and unique pathological entity.  

Case No. 2:  A patient complained:  “Daily morning I get a headache; in the afternoon, after I take lunch I feel flatulent distension of abdomen followed by watery stools; in the evening I get itching of the skin in the legs.” This too is a pathological entity.  In allopathy, they consider only those pathological entities they have read in their textbooks.  However, there are many more pathological entities, which exist in humans from time immemorial but not so far been classified in allopathy textbooks. In homoeopathy, we mainly consider those pathological entities, as they exist in humans from time immemorial.  Under the remedy Ammon-mur. (Boericke’s Mat. Med.) we find the following:

Its periods of aggravation are peculiarly divided as to the bodily region affected; thus, the head and chest symptoms are worse in the mornings, the abdominal in the afternoon, the pains in the limbs, the skin and febrile symptoms, in the evening.  

Every allopathic doctor, at one time or another in his practice, would have come across a few cases similar to Case No. 2 above.

Single dose of Ammon-mur. 10M cured all three symptoms in the above patient.  Thus, we do not give three different remedies for the patient’s head, abdominal and skin complaints.  The above modalities co-existing in the same patient, is also a pathological entity (not found in allopathy textbooks but they are as they exist in humans from time immemorial.)  Homoeopathy has identified and classified almost all pathological entities (majority of which have not been classified in allopathy textbooks) as they exist in humans from time immemorial but also discovered remedies for each of them capable of curing the patient in a single dose.

Case No. 3:  One single dose of another homoeo remedy called Selenium-10,000 would cure most cases of osteoporosis.

What is the pathological entity here?  Look at any victim of osteoporosis: All his teeth are gone; has back pain.  If he goes in the hot sun without an umbrella or a cap covering his head, he gets a headache and becomes exhausted.  Look at the roads in the hot sun where a selected number of persons try to cover their head with a newspaper or even their handbag over their head—intolerant of the heat of the sun falling on their head. Now, in addition to the above three symptoms, examine his thigh and it is emaciated.

1)   Early decay of teeth

2)   Chronic back pain

3)   Pre-senility

4)   Excessive hair fall

5)   Sun aggravates headache and causes exhaustion

6)   Thighs emaciated

It is a case calling for the homoeopathy medicine Selenium and only Selenium.  The author has cured more than twenty-five cases of osteoporosis with the above five symptoms, which we may otherwise call a pathological entity.

Just because a  Dr. Meniere or Dr. Parkinson has not named it, it does not mean that it is not a pathological entity.  Any allopathy practitioner would have seen at least 4-10 cases of osteoporosis presenting the above six symptoms.  IT EXISTS IN HUMANS FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL, whether that has been classified in allopathy textbooks as a pathological entity or not.  

Thus, all existing pathological entities have been classified in homoeopathy books and also have discovered remedies for each one of them capable of curing the patient in one dose.

Case No. 4:  A woman in the fourth month of pregnancy was told by the attending obstetrician that the growth of the fetus is just two months and advised of its termination.  In the gigantic reference work Repertory by Dr. Calvin B. Knerr, M.D. of the U.S.A. we find the following:


Chapter 24– PREGNANCY, foetus, retarded growth:  (The name of the homoeo medicine Secale cornutum is given for this condition.]  

This remedy was given in 10M potency, one single pill (and not at all given daily), and after a month when the scan was repeated, much to the surprise of the doctor the growth was normal.  In allopathy, they terminate the pregnancy because there is no remedy to make the child grow, whereas in homoeopathy there is medicine for this.

Case No. 5:  In the case of childbirth, the majority of cesarean are performed because the child’s head has not turned upside down, or having turned, ‘head floating’ and not fixed in the pelvis.

In the reference book The Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual by Dr. W. A. Yingling, M.D. of U.S.A. we find the following:

One single dose of the homoeo remedy Pulsatilla-10M corrects all abnormal presentations if given before the membranes are ruptured or the presenting parts are firmly engaged.  Many homoeopaths have frequently 


Dr. W. A. Yingling, M.D.

Any conscientious allopathic obstetrician would and should embrace and adopt this single-dose-cure method in her practice.

The reader would be shocked to read that the above two reference books (Knerr’s and Yingling) are not taught in the so-called 4-year degree course in the govt.-recognized homoeopathy colleges in India, or for that matter, all over the world.

“Before the First World War, in the United States, there were 56 purely homoeopathic general hospitals with 35 to 1,400 beds each, nine hospitals for women (inclusive of midwifery) with 30 to 100 beds each, besides nine children’s hospitals with purely homoeopathic treatment. The Hahnemann College in Philadelphia with hospitals attached and its extensive polyclinic was, in the year 1922, the most important homoeopathic educational institution in the world. Even in those days, its buildings were valued at several million dollars. For practical training, the Hahnemann College offered advantages, which were scarcely to be equalled at that time in any European University. The large number of cases in the hospitals and polyclinics (more than 50,000 patients and 6,000 accident cases were treated every year) afforded the professors abundant material for their clinical instruction. The college possessed a special institution for midwifery, directly attached to it, and allowing the students many opportunities for observing obstetrical cases. In addition, numerous confinements were attended to amongst the poor people in the town and these also served for instruction.” [See Richard Haehl, SAMUEL HAHNEMANN; HIS LIFE AND WORKS.]

It is most unfortunate to find that no homoeopath makes a mention of Dr. W. A. Yingling, Dr. Samuel Lilienthal or Dr. Calvin B. Knerr and their works. Without the reference books by these authors, Homoeopathy will soon disappear from the globe.  In the two hundred and odd govt. recognised homoeo colleges in India, only in a handful of college libraries do we find these books. 

Many of those cases that would otherwise mean surgical treatment can be wonderfully cured with one single dose..

Case 6:  A full-term pregnant woman in a village went to a town for delivery. The doctors in a nursing home after examining her declined to admit her because instead of descending, the uterus was in the upward position. She was then taken to the Govt. hospital. Upon examining her, even they said that a major surgery had to be done and since the senior surgeon was not available, they would not admit her. She came home weeping and came to me. I turned to Yingling. On page 229, we find the following:

Upward, uterus seems to go:  Cimic. 

Just one single dose of the homoeo remedy Cimicifuga (Actaea recemosa)-10M was given.   Within minutes, she felt some movements in her abdomen, the uterus coming down to its correct position, and developed labor pains: so, was rushed to the hospital. This time, upon examining her, the attending doctor found everything normal and so admitted her and it was a cesarean-free delivery! Does the reader need any further or better justification for having a copy of Yingling? 

In view of the foregoing, it is no exaggeration to call homoeopathy Advanced Allopathy.

Dr. Yingling’s Emergency Manual is for medical emergencies in abnormal conditions of parturition, those that occur directly before, during, or after labor or abortion. It does not deal with those conditions wherein the physician has plenty of time for consideration, as in many ailments during gestation, and those following some days after delivery. It is strictly an emergency manual, yet containing all the symptoms of the rubrics treated, and many indications of remedies not usually considered critical, as it is impossible to tell beforehand what symptoms may be the keynotes in the emergency hour to either save life or prevent undue suffering. Strictly speaking, only those conditions endangering life would be emergency conditions, but as any undue suffering or abnormality may be the precursor or direct cause of the emergency condition, indications of remedies covering these must, of necessity, are included in the book The Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual. It contains both repertory and materia medica.

Case No. 7: A primipara (first pregnant woman) was having morning sickness from her third month until the sixth month. [In the case of patients who are far away and cannot visit you in person, you may ask them to WRITE DOWN THEIR SYMPTOMS/COMPLAINTS ON PAPER IN THEIR HANDWRITING and send it to you.] As the above patient was in a faraway place, she was asked to write down in her handwriting her symptoms as if she were telling her friend about her complaints. Her letter is given below.

“After full meals, when I get up to wash my hands I would vomit all the items of food that I had taken, one by one in the reverse order. In addition, I feel the fetus is turning and kicking with its first causing pain in a particular spot. When a heavy truck goes on the road making a thundering noise, I feel that noise hitting in that place where the kick of the child causes pain.”

In the remedy Theridion in Boericke’s Mat. Medica, we find the following:

Sensitive to noise; it penetrates the body… Noises seem to strike on painful spots over the body. (This too is a pathological entity.)

Theridion-1000, the highest potency available with me at that time, a single dose completely stopped the vomiting and pain aggravated by noise.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. and his followers not only identified almost all pathological entities, but also found out that in the mighty Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral kingdom there are also corresponding medicines capable of curing such entities with one single dose!

“Noise penetrates the body … It seems to strike on painful spots over the body” is also a pathological entity and whatever may be the underlying pathology (otherwise called diagnosis) one dose of the homoeo remedy Theridion would cure the patient with this symptom.

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