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Mystery of Modern Medicine: Rockefeller to Bill Gates

(This is the third part of my previous article; WAKE UP NOW OR PERISH)

This is a pattern experimented and successfully implemented in the USA and Canada with the submission of Abraham Flexener report 1910. Within two decades the capitalists and their cronies succeeded in denying the American people the service of other systems of medicine than allopathy. (Abraham Flexener commission was founded by Rockefeller foundation and Carnegie foundation)

If they succeed at this nefarious design of maligning and overthrowing AYUSH systems from Kerala, that will mark the fall of the last point of resistance against the monstrous medical industry. The people of Kerala will loose the freedom of choice in healthcare forever and will become slaves of allopathic capitalist health model as in UK or USA; which will keep them always in health slavery without any cure whatsoever. Just see that thousands of cancer patients receive best palliative care in India through AYUSH systems, But in the UK it is legally forbidden for cancer patients to choose anything other than radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In simple terms this is nothing but medical terrorism.

Abraham Flexener was a science administrator and politician. In 1905 Carnegie foundation (Andrew Carnegie) and John D Rockefeller together funded Flexener and instituted the commission to report on medical education in the USA and Canada. Flexener’s report created the basis of today’s conventional biomolecular modern medicine. With the support of the report, in 20 years (1910 – 1930) the capitalists created the biomolecular medicine that succeeded to eliminate other medical systems including homeopathy from the government funding thereby killing the academic institutions, eventually the downfall of the pluralistic approach in health care.

Similar is the evolving situation in India too. As the profits dwindle, capitalists acquire competitors (like we have only one company making shaving blades – Gillette, One major company manufacturing toothpaste – All done by P&G) or try to kill them. In the industrial field, acquisition and assimilation is possible but in human health this is not viable as each system of medicine is rooted on different philosophies. Conventional medicine tries to impress the people that it is a pure science not having any philosophy. But it is rooted on Cartesian dualism (mind and body parallelism), Newtonian objectivity and predictability and the capitalist funded political report of mediocre intelligent man ‘Abraham Flexener’. 

In 1905 Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller were the ‘philanthropists’. Now Bill Gates and Melinda Gates with Gates foundation took over the baton to carry over the capitalist agenda of making illegitimate profit out of the human body and mind. Carnegie and Rockefeller created a report in medical education to streamline the medical world to sell their industry products as medicines. They succeeded and created the biggest capitalist enterprise in human history i.e. conventional chemical intensive biomolecular medicine.

With the discovery of DNA by Watson and Crick in 1953 the scientific foundation of biomolecular medicine based on Virchow’s cellular pathology (1868), microbiology and antibiotics (Alexander Fleming 1928) became logically irrelevant and scientifically unsustainable. It was a failed model all along except in accidents and emergencies to save life. The harm done by the conventional drugs after RCTs (randomised control trials) and so called rigorous scientific validations are innumerable, to quote a few examples.
1955- 1961: Use of thalidomide in pregnant women for morning sickness in 46 countries with more than 10,000 children born with severe deformities (phocomelia – malformation of arms and legs) and thousands of miscarriages.

Atorvastatin- lipid lowering drugs – found ineffective in preventing heart attack after unfettered use for 25 years (with 1.6 trillion USD sales) could also produce liver failure, kidney failure and serious adverse effects to the developing foetus – still in use all over the world.

In 2018, 178 drugs were withdrawn by the USA FDA with some being noted as dangerous drugs.
Recently 344 drugs were banned in India by the ministry of health.
From these data it is very clear that the scientific methodology of drug discovery in biomolecular medicine is imperfect and defective.

As the conventional medicine created by the early capitalists started showing the signs of dangerous side effects and proved ineffective in curing any chronic disease, the new generation capitalists under the leadership of Bill Gates started looking for a new business model and they sensed the gold in a new health enterprise i.e. universal vaccination. Anything universal in the healthcare industry has a potential of 7.50 billion clients. A fantastic business model! But 7.50 billion people do not share common genetic code; each individual has their own unique genetic code. This is the point in which the misnomer ‘modern medicine’ is being questioned.

In 2019; 251, 454 – 800,000 people died due to iatrogenic (treatment induced) causes in the USA which is nearly 10 -36 % of total deaths in a year.  Till now the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the USA is around 200,000. This statistics is highly informative and equally valid for nations around the world

There is a well orchestrated and organised effort from the top end of pharma and vaccine industry to completely destroy AYUSH systems in India. They are implementing this dirty agenda utilising the service of health administrators under the fire power of IMA, bypassing the wish of people and will of political leadership. Vigilance of people is the only way to prevent this fraud. People of Kerala who immensely benefited from the service of AYUSH doctors should take up the movement against this devilish design to protect their right to choose the system of medicine in treatment of any illness. The arm twisted political leadership will get rid of their timidity once they see the loud voice of public demand. 

Any attempt to play the viewer’s role in the gallery to enjoy the mud-slinging match is not good for humanity. Wake up, protect your democratic freedom. Please don’t allow the capitalists to control your freedom of choice on your body, mind and health. They are trying to take over the little freedom remaining with us.

In the WHO guided world health order, independent nations have only limited independence to decide on many things, especially in pandemics and vaccination. Multilateral pharma corporates have controlling power over political leaderships by the effective coercive measures of WHO like world bodies and the economic muscle power of unethical capitalists. The people in Europe and USA are agitating for getting back their freedom of treatment choices taken over by the health industry. Indians are fortunate to have multiple health sciences for their health care. Be careful about the vultures (IMA, rationalists etc.) hovering in the sky to destroy this freedom to feed themselves. People should not leave an inch of their territory of freedom of health care choice. If people fail, the supporters of one system of medicine for every disease and every human will also be losers when they become sick. You may not find a homeopath to relieve the cancer pain, which is unbearable with all other measures.
To be continued .…….

The Author is Senior consultant (Homeopathy), Mar Sleeva Medicity, Palai, Kerala, India and has authored 1. The Ray of Civilization – Philosophy, Science, Religion, Spirituality, Art, Literature, Evolutionary     genetics and Medicine 2. Nanodynamics – Nanoscience, Homeopathy, Physical sciences, Nanomedicine  3. The Nucleus – Lectures on Chronic Diseases and Miasms 4. New Lights – Lectures on Homeopathy and Philosophy

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Prof. Dr Rajendran

Dr Rajendran is senior consultant (Homeopathy), Mar Sleeva Medicity, Palai, Kerala, India. He is Author of; 1. The Ray of Civilization – Philosophy, Science, Religion, Spirituality, Art, Literature, Evolutionary genetics and Medicine, 2. Nanodynamics – Nanoscience, Homeopathy, Physical sciences, Nanomedicine, 3. The Nucleus – Lectures on Chronic Diseases and Miasms, 4. New Lights – Lectures on Homeopathy and Philosophy