Minister of State for Ayush inaugurates the conference on Homeopathy in Kolkata

Minister of State for Ayush inaugurates the conference on Homeopathy in Kolkata

Union Minister of State for Ayush and Women and Child Development Dr Mahendrabhai Munjapara inaugurated the conference on Homeopathy today at Kolkata with the aim to achieve “Sarvajnaya Swasthya,”.

The conference was organised by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy through Dr Anjali Chatterjee Regional Research Institute for Homoeopathy as an East zone event ,to lead homoeopathy to a stage where it becomes the primary choice for patient treatment, wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention – a goal en-capsulated by “Sarvajnaya Swasthya”.

The World Homoeopathy Day commemorates the birth anniversary of Dr Samuel Hahnemann on 10th of April. This year it was decided to mark the celebration not for one day or at one place, but to organise events in four zones across the country. 

While inaugurating the conference ,Dr. Munjapara appreciated the clinical effects of homoeopathy and efforts being made in research. He said that great strides are being made in all systems of Ayush. He further informed that the Ministry of Ayush is promoting infrastructure development, human resource development, drug development and creating Ayush resources based on research and best practices.

The Minister also said the time has come to bring forth the evidence in favour of homoeopathy in front of the world by collating clinical and research evidence. 

West Bengal is the capital province of Homoeopathy in India, from where the system flourished and spread to all parts of the country.

This endeavor paves the way for India to attain global leadership in homoeopathic education, practice and research, with a firm commitment to ensuring that all treatments and approaches are grounded in high-quality, evidence-based parameters.


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