LMHI 2024 - Welcome from the President of FEMH - Dr. Antonio F. Marqués Arpa

LMHI 2024 – Welcome from the President of FEMH

President of FEMH (LMHI 2024)

President of the Spanish Federation of Homeopathic Physicians (FEMH)


Welcome, Homeopaths of the World, to the 77th World Congress of Homeopathy of the LMHI!

After a terrible pandemic and following the congresses in Turkey (2022) and Colombia (2023), our International Homeopathic Medical League regains its rhythm and regularity in its annual congresses, which feature the highest level of scientific homeopathy.

With the satisfaction of meeting colleagues from all over the world and sharing professional, scientific, and social experiences, Seville will be, in these early days of October 2024, a welcoming city for all the people arriving from different parts of the world.

The Congress theme, “United to Continue Advancing,” very well represents what has been our task in the last two decades and also now. Indeed, it will be from unity in diversity where we can obtain the most precious fruits. In Spain, this broad professional union has been established since 2006 from the National Assembly of Homeopathy, where associations of doctors, pharmacists, and veterinarians participate, extending a hand to new professional groups already integrated into the LMHI such as dentists.

With the enthusiasm and good disposition of all and with general collaboration, we call for active and massive participation of all Spanish and world homeopaths and the support and collaboration of patient associations, to continue advancing in the dissemination, education, teaching, and research of Homeopathy.

We want to express our wishes for maximum participation and attendance at this Congress, which we are sure will be very successful, as were other previous congresses in Spain: International Council (Barcelona, 1924), 7th Congress of the LMHI (Madrid, 1933), and 50th Congress of the LMHI (Barcelona, 1990). We point out that the aforementioned international meeting in Barcelona in 1924 was the act prior to the birth of the current International Homeopathic Medical League (1925, Rotterdam), being also its centenary the reason for the call, a hundred years later, with this congress in 2024 in Seville (Spain).

With the happiness that the many participations and wills that will gather in this beautiful city offer us, we reiterate:


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