Learning Disabilities and Its Homoeopathic Management

Learning Disabilities and Its Homoeopathic Management

INTRODUCTION:- Learning disabilities are disorders that affect the ability to understand or use spoken or written language, do mathematical calculation, coordinate movements or direct attention. Learning disabilities are neurodevelopmental disorders, which arise from neurological differences in brain structure and function and affect a person’s  ability to receive, process, restore, retrieve or communicate information.

Learning disability is  an inability to acquire, retain, or broadly use specific skills or information, resulting from deficiencies in attention, memory, or reasoning and affecting academic performance. LD Affects the way a person learns new things throughout their life. LD is Learning disabilities typically develop at a young age and are often diagnosed during the  school years, since the primary focus at school is learning. It is estimated that 8% to 10% of children below the age of 18 in the United States have some type of learning disability. There are many different types of learning disabilities. Most often the academic difficulties fall into three  categories-Reading disabilities, Written language disabilities, Math disabilities.

There is no cure for learning disabilities. Special education programs can help people to cope up and compensate for disorders, but the Learning disabilities will last a lifetime. Learning disabled people may have difficulties in school, get qualifications or on the job, These disabilities may also impact independent living and social relationships. approximately 4% of the child population was diagnosed with moderate or severe learning disorder.in India the prevalence of specific learning disability to be 3 – 10%.

CAUSES OF LEARNING DISABILITIES -This can be caused by things such as-

mother becoming ill during pregnancy,problems during the birth that stop enough oxygen getting to the brain

the baby who have a parents with learning disabilities , having  genes passed on from their parents that make having a LD more likely, illness -meningitis, or injury in early childhood,There are some health conditions where you may be more likely to have a learning disability.Down’s syndrome has some level of learning disability, and so do many people with cerebral palsy.Some people with epilepsy also having LD and so do many autistic people.


Dyslexia- difficulty with reading,problems in reading,writing,spelling,speaking.

Dysgraphia – difficulty with writings,problem with handwriting,spelling,organizing ideas.

Dyscalculia – difficulty understanding numbers, performing mathematical calculations, and grasping basic math concepts.

Dyspraxia-difficulty with fine motor skills,problems with hand-eye coordination,balance,

Dysphasia-difficulty with language,problems with reading comprehension languages.

Language Processing Disorder- difficulty  in understanding and formulating language, affecting a child’s ability to express themselves and understand others.

Visual Processing disorder- difficulty interpreting visual information,problem witt reading,math,maps,charts,symbols,picture

Non-verbal learning disabilities- difficulty interpreting nonverbal cues- facial expression,body language,tone of voice and other nonverbal signals.

Symptoms– There are some of the symptoms of learning disabilities.

Inability to focus and maintain attention to the task,limited attention span.

Poor memory,difficulty with reading single words,constant misspells same word in a single piece of writing,messy handwriting,inability to distinguish between sounds,letters,or number,difficulty in sounding out words,tendency to put letters or numbers in wrong sequence,difficulty telling time,confusion between right and left,tendency to reverse letters,inability to grasping certain words and concepts,delay speech-development,disconnect between words and meaning,difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions,trouble with listening and following instruction,inappropriate responses,restless,impulsive.


Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine that is based on the principle of like cures like – meaning a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat similar symptoms in someone who is ill.Homeopathy is known to be very effective in treating learning disabilities and their associated symptoms in children. The remedies help stimulate the child’s brain to function better and overcome challenges with memory, comprehension, reading, writing, speech.

In some way homeopathy helps children with learning disabilities:

Improves cognitive skills like memory, focus and concentration

Helps overcome speech and language problems,Treats behavioral issues -hyperactivity, restlessness and poor social skills, Boosts learning capacity and academic performance, Builds confidence and reduces anxiety,Improves physical symptoms like headaches,sleep issues and bedwetting.There are some homoeopathic medicine which are very effective in LD.

HELLEBORUS NIGER -Helleborus is a very effective remedy for learning disabilities with weak memory.child has difficulties in remembering what he might have heard. Child is very slow in answering.

STRAMONIUM -Stramonium is used for learning disabilities where the person calls things by wrong names.

CANNABIS SATIVA – this medicine Is prescribed for learning disabilities who repeat words while writing. The child is so forgetful cannot finish the sentences. There is vanishing of thoughts and want of words. Ideas seem to stand still , he stares in front of him is absorbed in higher thoughts , but is unconscious of them.The child has difficulty in recalling what he has just done.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM- one of the top Homoeopathic remedies for learning and writing disabilities in children.Children having weak memory,and confused thoughts.The child spells or writes wrong words and syllables.The child cannot read what he writes.His speech is indistinct and stammers out the last word. He is unable to learn languages and often makes mistakes.The child does not like to take up new tasks or do new things.The child has trouble paying attention during a conversation.

BARYTA CARBONICA- is an excellent remedy for learning disabilities in children.The forgets word in her mouth. The child has loss of memory, mental weakness, loss of confidence, and confusion. The child is so timid, cowardly,hides behind the furniture and keeps his hands over his face, peeping through fingers. The child also has dullness of the mind,The child has trouble concentrating .

CALCAREA CARBONICA: Great remedy for kids who are apprehensive and forgetful. They are worse towards the evening,obstinate and slow,Milestones are delayed. Such children usually have a craving for indigestible things like chalk, coal etc. They like eggs, salt and sweets.

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA-suitable for children with Learning Disorder who are tall, lean with little energy. They are forgetful, frustrated and suffer from difficult dentition.Craving of non vegetarian food especially meats.

MEDORRHINUM – Great disturbance and irritability of nervous system,Children dwarfed and stunted.  Sycotic, poor reaction.Forgetfulness of names, later of words and initial letters. Loses constantly the thread of her talk.herself makes wrong statements, because she doesn’t know what to speak next, when it starts all right but does not know how to finish. Difficulty in concentrating his thoughts on abstract subjects.weak memory, cannot concentrate,forgets words, names,Mental confusion,Things seem strange, Apprehensive,


TUBERCULINUM  –It is especially adapted to lax fiber, low recuperative powers , light – complexioned , narrow chested subjects who are very susceptible to changes in the weather. Mentally deficient children. Very sensitive mentally and physically, always tired motion causes intense fatigueless, aversion to work, wants constant changes.  Remedy for nervous children, Tubercular taint. Dissatisfied, Confusion, Sensitive, every trifle irritates. Indifferent. Forgetful. Aversion to all labor, especially mental work. Aggravating mental excitement, thinking of it.

ZINCUM METALLICUM – Defective vitality, pale face, Fears arrest on account of a supposed crime . Melancholic, Depressed, Forgetful repeats the question , then answers. Brain- fag. Weak memory . Aversion to work and talk, Child repeats everything said to it, Lethargic, stupid. Aggravation from mental exhaustion. In chronic diseases people with  brain and spinal symptoms , trembling , convulsion, twitching and fidgety are  the guiding symptoms.

ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE –memory are weak and impaired, irritability, confusion on mind, sensation of plug in various parts, fear of examination, patient is greatly troubled about forgetfulness, weakening for aa senses, hearing, sights, aversion to works, lack of self confidence, brain fag, absent minded, easily offended, mental and physical power is lack. bad memory, sudden forgets name, aggravate from exertion, anger, fright and care.

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