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Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr Samuel Lilienthal

 An outstanding and laborious effort by a pioneer in the field of homeopathic therapeutics. The purpose of this book is to provide a historical perspective of homeopathy & its progress over the ages. The author also justifies the scientific exactitude in homeopathy & correlates it with advances made in the modern system.

Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Samuel Lilienthal offers a vast array of ailments and conditions with thorough and reliable remedy differentiations.

This is a complete work and an easy reference listing various disorders alphabetically with remedy reference.

-There is also a provision of detailed explanation of pathological conditions, with a vast remedy collection and a view on its scientific differential diagnosis.

-The book enables students as well as homeopathic practitioners to have a vast approach to all clinical cases suggesting a wide range of remedies for numerous medical conditions along with a scope for evaluation of the diagnosis.

 An easy reference guide to be applied clinically enabling students and homoeopathic practitioners to enhance their art of prescription.

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