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Dr Constantine Tsitinides M.D.  

Tsitinides was born in 1962 in Veria, Greece.

He studied Medicine (Thessaloniki) in 1980-1986 and served as a Physician at the Hellenic Air Force for 27 consecutive years.

He completed the specialty of Radiology (Athens) and received post-graduate studies in Neuroradiology (MRA-CT) in UCSF (1996) – San Francisco.

He served as Registrar and Director of Computed Tomography at the 251 General Air Force Hospital.

Since 1980, he studies Homeopathic Medicine, initially having as Teacher Aristarchos Tsamaslidis and then George Vithoulkas.

He worked for several years (1990 – 2002) at the Athens Homeopathy Center, at Marousi (Vithoulka’s Center).

From 1998, he is a member of the Board of the Greek Society of Homeopathic Medicine where he held the position of the President from 2003 to 2015. Moreover, for 7 years he served as a Research Associate of the Aegean University (Syros – Ermoupoli) at the Master of Classical Homeopathy and Holistic Systems. Today, he manages a private practice in N. Psychiko – Athens in collaboration with other Homeopathic Physicians.

Also he is member of the board of Hellenic Homeopathic Medical Society and N.V.P. for Greece in LMHI (from 2008 to 2015).

For 30 years he teaches in HHMS lessons for students

Has participate in many HHMS seminars and summer schools

He organizes private seminars for the last 20 years

He participated in the last 10 Panhellenic Homeopathic Congresses He organized and was president of the 2023 Panhelenic Homeopathic Congress (24-26/11/2023 with international participation in Athens

He participated in 75th World Congress of Homeopathy (Istanbul 2022) ”Miasms in everyday practice”.

He also participated in all LMHI Congresses from 2000 (Berlin) Ultra-High Dilutions and Homeopathy: Can They be Explained without Non Local Theory? J. Almirantis, C. Tsitinides (Homeopathy 2018 paper 107:189– 195).

He has participated in many TV and radio programs about Homeopathy He is practicing Homeopathy for almost 40 years

SITE: www.homeopathie.gr

Videos from seminars in English language:

Presentation – International free Webinar – TCM – Chakras energy centers Psychosis and Neurosis by Dr Kostas Tsitinidis

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