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Cracking Homoeopathic Codes in Breast Cancer Book Review by Dr Anum Zaheer


About authors:

Book Name:            Cracking Homoeopathic Codes in Breast Cancer

Author:                     DR.SURNIMAL SARKAR, Ph.D

                                    DR SHRUTI SHAH, Ph.D

Pages:                       249 pages
Publisher:                BJain publishers
Editions:                   First edition: 2020

DR.SURNIMAL SARKAR, Ph.D is renowned & busiest homoeopathic practioner from west Bengal. He holds experience of 40 years with mastery in cancer cases. His innovative thinking, tremendous, art of clinical application & success rational in clinical practice are source of inspiration for homoeopaths across the globe

 Dr. Shruti Shah MD (Homeo) PhD is Homeopathic Physician practicing since last 20 years in Gujarat. Her area of specialization is treatment of Cancer with Homeopathy. She has published many research papers in prestigious journals and international conferences.Recently only she has authored a book on treatment of breast cancer with Homeopathy. She is also one of the founder members of Cancer Research Foundation named ” Prayas ” and have got wide clinical experience. She is also an associate professor of Materia Medica at University and teaching the subject since last 15 years.

Author has dedicated this book to those who really want to learn

Reason of the book:

Author realised limited scope for cancer patients in modern medicine, lots of side effects, with her clinical experience she was convinced that there is tremendous potential for cancer treatment in Homoeopathyso she read all literature available for homoeopathy & management of cancer

She started a charitable trust for cancer treatment in homoeopathy 5 years ago & founded “PRAYAS HOMOEOPATHY & CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION” till now Prayas has 4 cancer OPDs in India

As we know 51 remedies listed under breast cancer in kent repertory & more than 200 in complete repertory, this book can be used as guide or map for treatment of breast cancer.

This book covers everything you need to empower while dealing with cases of breast cancer, literature given is authentic & experience of Dr Surnimal Sarkar.

Content of the book:

After acknowledgement publishers note is given followed by clinical aspects, clinical approach and homoeopathic remedies for breast cancer. Not just the remedies but drugs are given kingdom wise- plant, animal, nosode, sarcode, radioactive, synthetic & new plant remedies for cancer are given in separate chapter

Queries like how to diagnose a case of cancer, guidelines to be followed, case taking format etc is penned down.

Plant remedies like aconite lycoctonum, anatherum muraticum given along with their familes, doctrine of signature, pathophysiological action & later homoeopathic indication is given

In nosodes carcinosin, scirrhinum, in radioactive substance drugs like xray, gamma ray, plutonium are included, using nosodes as intercurrent during treatment of cancer is widely accepted clinical approach

16 new plant remedies for cancer given like agrimony eupatorium, astragus, and nigella sativa

Glossary is given for better understanding of vocabulary

In depth bibliography makes book more authentic and accepted

Salient features of book:

Treating cancer with homoeopathy is not an easy job & till date no textbook was available yet

This book acts as an atlas which comprises a deeper, concise study of more than 80 breast cancer remedies in innovative manner

Each drug is beautifully handcrafted with phytochemistry, molecular behaiviour of cancer remedies, and their pharmacological action.

Materia medica presented in this book is integrated & updated with latest scientific findings which was never done before

A unique compilation of such kind directs a physician to treat breast cancer patient in an easier way & surely bring a new paradigm in homoeopathic oncology

Review by:

Dr Anum Zaheer
B.H.M.S., MD (Hom), PGDEMS
Gold Medalist
Homoeopathy Heals, Pune

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