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Book review on principal of prescribing by Dr Ajay Mishra

This book is very helpful for students in learning various types of prescribing in homeopathy. In homeopathy there are various types of prescribing everybody has own approach many times we have to prescribe according to need or demand of case process of individualisation should be according to individualisation so this book may help students in selecting mode of prescribing 

About the author

Dr K.N.mathur (10th April 1906- 28th January 1977) was born in the state of Allahabad India. Passed his MBBS from Lucknow    medical college in the year 1933 but was converted to homeopathy

Contribution to homeopathy

Worked as a secretary of Delhi homeopathic medical association

Written so many books on Pathology, organon, Repertory, and Materia medica i

About the book 

First edition- 1975

Number of chapters- 30 chapters

Number of pages-671 i 

Dr S.R. wadia has written forward of this book 

Dr Dewan Harish chand has incorporated his cases for the chapter prescribing  on the basis of blood investigations i

Arrangement of book






Arrangement of chapters

 Prescribing on the basis of 

1 specific

2 prophylactic and genus epidemicus

3 external applications 

4 totality of characteristic symptoms

5 key note characteristic symptoms

6 constitutional and general characteristic symptoms

7 psychosomatic symptoms

8 repertorisation

9 causations

10 causations immediate

11 Causations remote

12 Removal of suppressions

13 drug miasm

14 miasm of vaccinosis

15 miasm of consumptiveness of Burnett

16 Miasm of psora

17 Miasm of sycosis

18 Miasm of syphilis

19 Nosodes and Bowel Nosodes

20 Blood investigations

21 Auto therapy, Autohemotherapy, dowsing, Econometric research, and Radiesthesia 

22 Relationship of remedies

23 Alternations and combinations of remedies

24 Tautopathy

25 Organopathic remedies

26 Ladder like remedies

27 Law of direction of cure

28 Disposition and lack of reaction

29 Allergy

30 Potency, repetition, and placebo i 

Purpose of book 

Purpose of this book is to collect all prescribing principles from old and new homeopathic journals and books at one place with examples of illustrated cases. Journals may not always be available. This book may help students for their success and advancement of homeopathy.

In the words of Dr K.N.mathurthe main purpose of this book is to collect all the prescribing principles based on truth of illustrated cases and can be verified by other homeopaths .These principles of prescribing are collected from old and new homeopathic journals and books we want them in the form of book for all times as these journals and old literature may not be available always .They shall be useful for the coming generation of homeopaths for their success and advancement of homeopathy. “I 

Advantages of book

 1 This book helps students in learning various symptoms like concomitant symptoms, characteristic symptoms  

2 Chapter on prescribing on the basis of suppression is very useful as many times patient comes   from other physicians and after trying other modes of treatment thus their symptoms become suppressed giving rise to other dangerous symptoms and affecting more important organs

3 chapter on prescription the basis of prophylactic and genus epidemicus is helpful in using homeopathic medicines as preventive as homeopathy has proved its importance as preventive and in ways is far superior than vaccination

4 Chapter on Organopathic remedies is also very helpful when there is lack of symptoms and other principles cannot be applied for selection of remedy  

5 Chapters on Blood investigations is also very helpful in cases when pathological investigations come to rescue of homeopaths when there is lack of symptoms’ i

View of Dr S.R. Wadia 

In the words of Dr Wadia “i would like to mention two or three points which i have found very helpful in my practice “ 

Biochemic combination tablets as made in Germany will be found very helpful for acute prescribing by beginners”

“Auto therapy has been mentioned by author but if a patient blood is potentized when the indicated remedy does not work, this will help many patients “

“Bowel nosodes are found very helpful in certain chronic diseases” i 

About the Reviewer: 

  Dr Ajay mishra – M.D pharmacy (Bakson homeopathic medical college)

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