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All 94 AYUSH Colleges in the State will be affiliated to AYUSH University in Uttar Pradesh

All 94 AYUSH Colleges in the State will be affiliated to AYUSH University in Uttar Pradesh : There will be uniformity in the courses.

At present 94 colleges of AYUSH discipline in Uttar Pradesh are affiliated to different universities/institutions. These include 67 colleges of Ayurveda, 15 colleges of Unani and 12 colleges of Homeopathy. After the formation of AYUSH University, all these colleges will be integrated with AYUSH University. Due to the affiliation at one place, there will be uniformity in the courses of degree and diploma of these colleges and the regulation of the session will also be easy.

Till now, within Uttar Pradesh, there have been separate institutions for Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Siddha systems of medicine, which are collectively called AYUSH. But now all these AYUSH systems will be studied in the same campus of the first AYUSH University located in Pipri, Bhat. This university, which will be built on 52 acres at a cost of about 299 crores, will start operating by March 2023.

The government has also released Rs 2.4 crore for the construction of the boundary wall of the university and Rs 3.99 crore for soil filling. The architecture of the university will be in line with the Indian culture. The campus will have academic building, administrative building, residential building, hostel, guest house, auditorium and super specialty block. It is estimated that about one thousand crore rupees will be spent on the entire project of AYUSH University.

studies, treatment will also be done in Ayush University for the study of Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy and Yoga medicine and research work will be done on it, people will also get the facility of treatment with these methods with ‘no side effect’. Not only this, Ayush University will also bring happiness in the lives of farmers by promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants. He will be inspired for medicinal cultivation under the supervision of the experts of the university. A separate medicinal plant garden will also be developed in the university campus.

There are 1176 seats in homeopathic colleges…

Dr. Manoj Yadav, Director of UP Homeopathic and Dr. Vijay Pushkar, Joint Director, have also received information related to the creation of AYUSH University. Both the officers came to Gorakhpur from Lucknow on Friday, then finalized the preparations. Joint Director Dr Vijay Pushkar informed that there are nine government and two private medical colleges of homeopathic in UP. There are 1176 seats in this.

There are 53 MD seats in three state homeopathic colleges. All these will be related to Ayush University. The number of Ayurvedic colleges is 75. Out of this, eight are Government Ayurvedic Colleges. Unani colleges will also be related. Ayurvedic and Unani officers Dr. Raghavendra Mishra and Dr. Ashish Tripathi were present on this occasion.

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