1. What is the first lecture of Dr. J.T. Kent on Philosophy

a. Fixed principle                         b. The highest ideal of cure

c. The sick                                   d. None of these

  1. Secondary Amenorrhoea occurs in the following except

A) Thyrotoxicosis                        B) Bicornuate Uterus

C) Anorexia Nervosa                  D) Polycystic ovarian disease

  1. Cause of delayed puberty is-

A) Anorexia nervosa                    B) Gonadal Dygenesia

C) Chronic Disease                     D) Syndrome of Androgen Excess

  1. Pulsatile live is present in

a) Mitral Incompetence                b) Tricuspid incompetence with failure

c) Aortic Incompetence                d) Aortic stenosis

  1. In which corrosive poison, gastric lavage can be done?

a) Oxalic acid                               b) Nitric acid

c) Carbolic acid                             d) Hydrochloric acid

  1. Clinical features of pyloric stenosis include each of the following except

a) Previous history dyspepsia       b) Projectile vomiting

c) Tetany                                       d) Diarrhoea

  1. The spiritual vital force is also called?

a) Automatic force                  b)Autocracy

c)Dynamis                              d)Material body

  1.  Match List with I and II and find out correct match

List.I (Repertory) List.II ( Type)

1.Knerr’s repertory A. Regional Repertory

2.Guernesy’s Boenninghausen’s slip B. Therapeutic Pocket Book

3.Repertory of neuralgia C. Concordance Repertory

4.General Repertory D. First card repertory

(a) 1C, 2D, 3A, 4B

(b) 1A, 2B, 3C, 4D

(c) 1D, 2C, 3B, 4A

(d) 1D, 2A, 3B, 4C

  1.  Clubbing of finger is a recognized feature of

a) Chronic Bronchopneumonia b) Meningitis

c) Infective endocarditis d) Ischaemic heart disease

  1.  The earliest clinical finding in a case of tetanus is –

a) Risussardonicus due to tonic spasm and rigidity of the face and neck

b) Lock jaw

c) Painful exhausting convulsions

d) Opisthotonus position of the body

  1.  A quick, short & strong aggravation after the application of remedy indicates

(A) Amelioration will be quick & lasting

(B) Amelioration will be slow & lasting

(C) Amelioration will be followed by aggravation

(D) Amelioration will not ensure

  1. .Vomiting of dark olive green colour during pregnancy is a feature of

a) Carbolic acid                           b) Ipecac

c) Sepia                                      d) Symphocarpus

  1.  Which one of the following is not written by Clarke?

(a) Clinical Repertory (b) Repertory of Causations

(c) Repertory of Constitution (d) Repertory of Concordance

  1.  Stammering  rubric will be found in which chapter of the Kent’s Repertory ?

(a) Larynx and trachea (b) Thorax

(c) Mouth (d) Mind

  1. Achloriya gastric is present in

a) Acute gastritis b) Gastric carcinoma

c) Pernicious anemia d) Alcoholic gastritis

  1.  Commonest clinical finding in hydatidiform mole is

A) Vaginal Bleeding B) Uterine Enlargement

C) Hyperemesis D) Pre—Eclampsia

  1. Which of the following disease is not included in VISION 2020 Right to sight immediate

goals ?

A)Trachoma B)Epidemic conjuntivitis

C)Cataract D)Onchocerciasis

  1.  Ochronosis is a type of

a) necrosis b) pigment disorder

c) degeneration d) jaundice.

  1.  The use of the antibiotics that inhibit or inactivate cellular ribosomes will result directly in the

loss of which of the following functions:

a. ATP production

b. DNA replication

c. Phagocytosisd.

d.Protein syntheis

e. Cell division

  1.  In firearm injury, entry wound blackening is due to

a) Flame b) Hot gauze c) Smoke d) Unburn powder

  1.  Ptosis is caused by paralysis of

a) III Cranial Nerve b) IV Cranial Nerve

c) V Cranial Nerve d) V1 Cranial Nerve

  1.  HIV virus attacks

a) Helper T cells b) Suppressor T cells

c) Cytotoxic T cells d) Memory cells

  1.  The words ‘lucid interval’ is used in organon of medicine while dealing with the

(A) Syphilitic diseases (B) Sycotic diseases

(C) Mental diseases (D) Intermittent disease

  1.  “Aversion to Husband’ is present in which chapter of Kent’s Repertory ?

(a) Generalities (b) Female (c) Mind (d) Head

  1. .Mention the vehicle by which we can prepare mother tincture :

(A) Dilute Alcohol (B) Rectified Spirit

(C)Absolute alcohol (D) Strong Alcohol

  1.  Pott’s disease is

(A) Fracture dislocation of the ankle (B) A diseased joint

(C) Traumatic osteochondritis of spine (D) Tuberculosis of spine

  1.  Which one of the following causes the greatest risk of ectopic pregnancy –

A) Pelvic inflammatory disease

B) Intrauterine contraceptive devices used

C) Previous ectopic pregnancy

D) Previous medical termination of pregnancy

  1.  Which one of the following medicines is indicated for eczema capitis in children with

copious purulent discharge as if form a hat of pus?

(A) Graphites (B)Mezerium (C) Cicuta Virosa (D)Merc.Sol.

  1.  In which repertory, specific hour is not mentioned under section time?

a) Gentry’s Concordance b) B.B.C.R.

c) Kent d) B.T.P.B.

  1.  Under which class (old method) is Aloes mother tincture prepared ?

(a) Class II (b) Class VI B

(c) Class VII (d) Class V A

  1.  Clinical features of pyloric stenosis include each of the following except

a) Previous history dyspepsia b) Projectile vomiting

c) Tetany d) Diarrhoea

  1.  The average PH of vaginal fluid is

A) 4.5 to 5.0 B) 5.0 to 6.0 C) 6.0- 7.0 D) 7.0 to 7. 5

  1. Which one is indicated for TOUGH & GREESY HARD STOOL?

(A) Ant. Tart (B) Caust (C) Ledum (D) Hydrastis

  1.  The 2nd part of Fragmenta De Viribus contains repertory. The first part of it contains:

a) Organon of Medicine b) Pharmacy

c) Both d) Materia Medica

  1.  The spleen underlies posteriorly between

a)9th to 11th rib                         b)10th to 12th rib 

c)8th to 10th rib                         d)7th to 9th rib.

  1.  Menstruation is :

(A) A common particular symptom (B) A common general symptom

(C) A Peculiar particular symptom (D)A peculiar general symptom

  1.  Devil’s Dung is the common name of :

(A) Baptisia tinctoria (B) Asafoetida

(C) Melilotus (D) Helleborus niger

  1.  Perspiration, smelling like honey is the characteristic of:

(A) Calcareacarb. (B) Thuja. (C) Both. (D) None of the above.

  1.  What is ‘Causa occasionalis’ ?

(A) Exciting cause (B) Maintaining cause.(C) Both. (D) None of the above.

  1.  Which part of plant is used for the preparation of “Sabina”?

(a) Stem (b) Whole plant

(c) Fruit (d) Bark

  1.  Hepatitis B virus is associated with :

a) SLE b) Polyarteritis Nodosa

c) Sjogren’s syndrome d) Wegener Granulomatosis

  1.  A 55 year old woman has recurrent urinary retention after a hysterectomy done for a

huge fibroid. The most likely cause is?

(A)Atrophic and stenotic urethra (B)Lumbar disc prolapsed

(C)Injury to the bladder neck (D)Injury to the hypogastric plexus

  1.  The following provides maximum support to the uterus

A) Broad ligament B) Meckenrodt’s ligaments

C) Round ligament D) Vascicoureterine fold

  1. ”Action that halts the progress of a disease at its incipient stage and prevents

complications” belongs to the level of

(A) Primordial prevention (B) Primary prevention

(C) Secondary prevention (D) Tertiary prevention

  1.  Langhan’s giant cell is commonly found in – (52 WEST BENGAL PSC HOMOEOPATHIC


a) Xanthoma b) Lymphoid tissue of appendix in measles

c) Rheumatic carditis d) Tuberculous lesion

  1.  “Headache ceases during menses but returns when flow disappears” is the keynote

symptom of

(a) Alliun cepa and Zincum met. Only

(b) Lachesis and Zincum met. only

(c) Allium cepa and Lachesis only

(d) Allium cepa, Lachesis and Zincum met.

  1.  In B.B.C.R. “Crazy feeling” rubric is found in chapter:

             a) Mind b) Sensation c) Internal head d) Intellect

  1. Hahnemann talks about crushing of a vesical calculus in which aphorism / footnote?

A) Aph 187 B)Aph 187 foot note

C)Aph 7 D)Aph 7 foot note

  1.  Mention the name of drug which is to be triturated from liquid substance

(A) Petroleum (B)Acid Benzoic

(C) Guaiacum (D) Iodine

  1.  Which one of the following conditions is present in “Ludwig’s angina” ?

a) Anginal pain felt about the left hand

b) Form of cellulites starts in the submandibular region and spreads to the floor of

the mouth

c) Rigidity of the lower limbs


1.c 2. b 3. b  4. b 5.c
6.d 7.b  8.a  9.c 10.b
11. a 12.a  13.d 14.c  15.b
16.a 17.b  18.b 19.d 20.c
21.a 22.c 23.c 24.c  25.d
26.d 27.a 28.b 29.d 30.c
31.d 32.a  33.b 34.d 35.a
36.b 37.b 38. a 39. b 40.b
41. b 42.d 43.d 44.d 45.c
46.d 47.c 48.d 49.a  50. b

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