A Tribute to the Master Dr Samuel Hahnemann - Dr Raksha Thakker

A Tribute to the Master Dr Samuel Hahnemann – Dr Raksha Thakker

Master, in your remembrance thanks for bestowing gift of dynamic Homoeopathy to us all, a premium  necorum, a gentle cure being the core crux of healing.
The well being of the patient taken into consideration as the first priority and the patient enjoys the state which he was enjoying prior to falling ill. The state where the patient feels utmost bliss, in harmony all enlightened embarking on a journey.
A mission to help masses by indulging day in and out par excellence towards providing gentle rapid and permanent cure as mentioned in the organon text.
As it is said Rome was not built in a day, a medicine is made from experience
Truth exists truth triumphs Satyamev Jayate
The patient is already sick and if in turn the treatment too is rendered harmful here with resulting in the decline in the energy component of a person with unto wards deterioration in turn harming instead of curing. The sick individual being given the prime importance the title being no harm says it all. Kindle the  fire, Homoeopath, a soul  who has the flair of writing/ healing  and want to give away to the society with a selfless attitude  who wants to  propagate Homoeopathy in the right direction. Constantly on the move  with simple illustration when it comes to Homoeopathy to help comprehension easy, not forgetting the root base pillar foundation:
The holistic healing being the crux
The Integrative approach being the core
All the best everyone 🙏🙏🙏

Dr Raksha Thakker
Thane Bombay 

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Dr Raksha Thakkar

Dr. Raksha Thakker, Mumbai (Bhms, Ccah) - Renowned homeopathy doctor, practicing for over sixteen years in Mumbai -coordinator of she and her trust for women empowerment -trustee of "T.J.EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY" -committee member of "WAGLE ESTATE DOCTORS ASSOCIATION, THANE" -associated with the "MEENA MANGANLAL CHARITABLE TRUST" which conducts various camps, seminars and also helps students through sessions on homoeopathy-honored by ELITE MAGAZINES in Punjabi -ALSO FACILITATES BACH FLOWER THERAPY (foundation course)