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A Case Of COVID 19 Treated By Homeopathy

Introduction : Covid19 can be successfully treated with Homeopathy. There is a history of sucess in many viral epidemic diseases through Homeopathy and COVID19 is not an exception. Following is case of covid19 Sucessfully treated with Homeopathy from 7/7/20 to 20/7/20.

Case History : A female patient aged 58yrs, made a phone consultation on 6/7/20 ,8pm.

Complained of Fever with chills, sever weakness, severe body pains, slight headache and occasional cough since 5/7/20.
Allopathic Doctor whom she met on 6/7/20 confirmed it as Typhoid after blood investigations and suggested antibiotics and Paracetamol.

I suspected it as a COVID19 and asked to go for investigation.
I enquired about the thirst and i prescribed
Along with Allopathic medicine prescribed by her Allopathic Doctor.

She started taking the Homeopathy medicine on 7/7/20, she went for RTPCR test for Covid19.
She felt slightly better after GELSEMIUM 200C , but fever reappearing.
She complained of want of air and shortness of Breath slightly.

I prescribed CARBO VEG 200C / 5 PILLS / TONIGHT.

She felt better, body pains reduced, weakness slightly reduced, fever under control.
Rx : GELSEMIUM 200C/5 pills/ 4 times a day.

She complained of 101°F fever with chills uncontrollable even after taking paracetmol,started at 10pm. on 8/7/20.

I took the following Rubrics in Repertory of Homeopathic Materia Medica by J T Kent.
1) Fever : midnight, before.
2) Fever : Burning heat, night, midnight before.
3) Fever : Chills, with.

I got BRYONIA as a repertorial result.

Rx : BRYONIA 200C / 5 PILLS / 4 times a day.

She told, she felt better with the first dose of BRYONIA 200C, Body pains and weakness reduced.
Rx : BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/4 times a day.

She felt better, fever under control, no body pains, and weakness, no cough, no Shortness of breath.
(For the sample taken on 7/7/20 )
She stopped taking Allopathic medicines prescribed on 7/7/20.

Rx : BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/4 times a day.

She felt better, fever under control.
She got admitted in Privated Medical college Hospital.
Rx :BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/4 times a day.

She felt better, slight feverishness in the morning.
Allopathic Rx : 1 tablet of Paracetmol 650mg.
Vit B complex/ OD/daily & vit C tab./OD/daily.
( she didnt took vit C tab as she had repeated history of abnormal reaction/ discomfort to vit C tabs).

Homoeopathy Rx: BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/4 times a day.

She complained of slight weakness, occasional cough with whitish expectoration since morning.
Rx : ARSENICUM ALBUM 30/ 5 PILLS / 2 doses with 1 hour gap in morning.

Afternoon: she felt better, weakness reduced, cough with expectoration persisting.

Rx : BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/3 doses/3 hourly once.

She felt better, cough with expectoration reduced.
Rx : BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/4 times a day.

She complained of frequent loose watery diarrhoea with weakness since last midnight.
Allopathic Rx : 1 tab of anti diarrhoeal medicine.
ORSL Liquids.

Homeopathy Rx : ARSENICUM ALBUM 30/ 5 PILLS / every 2 hourly for 8 hours.

She felt better today,
1 loose stool in the morning.
Rx : ARSENICUM ALBUM 30/ 5 PILLS / 3 doses per day.

She felt better today, no symptoms.
Rx : BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/4 times a day.

She felt better today, no symptoms.
Rx : BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/4 times a day.

She felt better today, no symptoms.
Rx : BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/4 times a day.

She felt better today, no symptoms.
Rx : BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/4 times a day.
She got tested for covid19 and reports NEGATIVE,
She got discharged from Hospital.

I advised to continue BRYONIA 200C/5PILLS/OD/5 days.

I also advised Fourrts IMMUNE SYRUP as a supportive medicine from 7/7/20 to 20/7/20.

The case was followed telephonically from 6/7/20 to 20/7/20.

She called on 26/7/20
She is absolutely better without any symptoms.

Conclusion : Bronchiectatic individuals belongs to risk group for Covid19 , but with the help of Homeopathy medicine, the suffering can be minimized and can be successfully treated.
Homeopathy medicine works better in any case of Covid19 if the treatment is initiated in the beginning of suffering and can stop further progression of disease.
Even in Severe Pnemonia, ARDS, sepsis stages of Covid19, Homeopathy have ample number of medicines to treat sucessfully.

About the author

Dr. V S P K Sastry Akella

Graduated at Dr. A R Govt Homeopathy Medical college, Rajahmundry, Andhra pradesh during 2006-2012.
Received Malati Allen Noble award 2012 at Kolkata from Malati Allen Charitable trust kolkata which was awarded to Top 50 Metitorious students All over india.
Did Postgraduation at Vinayaka Missions Homeopathy Medical college, Salem, Tamil nadu during 2013-16 in the department of Organon of Medicine & Homeopathic Philisophy.
Received Gold Medal from Vinayaka Missions University in the year 2017.
Started working as Asst Professor at SAS Homeopathy Medical college, Guntakal , Andhra pradesh in the year 2017.
Currently working as Senior Research Fellow at Regional Research Institute for Homeopathy, Gudivada, Andhra pradesh under CCRH, Since September 2017.
Presented a paper \" Prescriptive Totality & posology \"at VINFORUM 2019 -A National seminar at Salem. Presented a paper \"LM potencies- The unlimited potentials \" at Civilization and Medicine - A National conference in kochi ,Nov 2019.
Started own Homeopathic clincal practice in 2013 at Tadepalligudem, Andhra pradesh.
All these year from 2013, have been practicing with LM potencies in acute & Chronic cases.