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Temperment Of Hitler And His Homoeopathic Medicine

I write this article on Hitler’s temperment and homoeopathic medicine suits to this.

This man is filled with an immeasurable hatred and seems to feel the need of something to hate , almost anything may suddenly inflame his wrath and his anger . the transition from anger to sentimentality or enthusiasm may be quite sudden , specially among intimate friends he lets himself go-the slightest contradiction throws into a rage . his technique is well timed fits of rage , to throw his entourage into confusion and thus make more submissive

He often sits in morose silence and then joins in the conversation and soon talks himself into a rage

Even at a very early period , he dislikes hearing any thing not calculated to strengthen his own convictions , he is never told any uncomfortable truths

A policy grew up keeping away anything from him which might excite him . his excessive fits of rage tempted few people to provoke such a storm – amid the ecstacy of speeches or in his solitary walks , he feels he possess the qualities of a supreme magician  , much superior to and outstanding the qualities of a statesman . in the many vacant hours of his lethargy he feels weak and humiliated , then irritated he tries to acquire the semblance of creativeness by endless talks . for this he wants an audience , he sees his own remarkable carrier as a confirmation of hidden powers . He may sit for hours in apathy without speaking or without even looking up

No real conservation is possible with him . he will specify – he will walk restlessly up and down , interrupt constantly and jump from one subject to another , as if unable to concentrate . he has state which resembled persecution mania and dual personality . he wakes up in the middle of the night and wanders restlessly to and fro . then he must have light every where and then sends young man to keep him company these hours of anguish . he wakes with convulsive shrieks , shakes with fears , uttering confused , unintelligible phrases

He is exciting , avaricious , greedy , incapable of working , unremittingly and continuously , he gets ideas impulses and must feverishly achieve them in order to get rid of them . he rarely reads books through , he only begins it and then throws it away . he hears voices in his solitary walks and recognizes nobody here , who meets him , he is timid and sensitive , he used to complain for weeks at a time , blaming the ingratitude of his followers of the unkindness of fate for his own inactivity and is foud of posing as a martyr

 Then the other side , the sudden activity , but every thing is jerky , he is without balance , full of resentments , visitors have been completely dumb founded at the sudden , transition from obvious good will to violent scolding for some imagined sight , the troubled dreams of the past and torturing doubts of the future are with him , then he must have company when he is convulsed by sudden paroxysims , which near to insanity . He walk up and down restlessly with the young men in his entourage and roused from their beds in order to divert his thoughts , he is afraid of everything is well protected , whenever he goes abroad for fear or attacks on his precious person and even his bed can only be made by special trusted servants for fear of being poisoned in his sleep

Let us now go over the mental characteristics and psychological ideas of an individual who required drosera to cure him as mentioned by Hahnemann in his material medica pura , very irritable any small mater can upset him very much , highly irritated by evn mild criticism . obstinately carries out decisions which he has thought over for long in spite of opposition , extreme restlessness , can not be bothered , while reading books , can not stick to one subject for long , must always change his reading and occupation , full of great anxiety and mistrust , thought , he was , thought he was surrounded by none but false people , uneasy and sad disposition ., full of imaginary ideas that he was being deceived by spited and envious people , anxiety as if his enemies would not leave him in peace envied and persecuted him , silent and reserved with great anxiety , he feared that he is just about to receive unpleasant and disagreeable news , anxiety and fears especially about 7 or 8 pm as if he was compelled to jump into water to die by drowning , no other mode of death appeared to him , great anxiety when he was alone , he always wished to have some body around him or near him all the time ; was quieter when he could speak to somebody , could not sleep on account of his great anxiety , very peevish , more trifles upset him that he was beside himself with rage , stupid and not disposed to work either with his hands or with his head

And Dr, M.L. Tyler (drug picture ) says “ drosera “ is classical for a hundred years as a laryngeal remedy ; very low voice , hoarseness of voice , so that it is only with an effort that he can speak in a deep base tone

Let’s see about Hitler’s physical peculiarities the thick raucous voice , tendency to laryngeal troubles , weak voice ,failed him again and again and so he required the services of a laryngologist at frequent intervals .

Does this not prove also my contention that here we had a drosera  patient and if some physician versed in the new art of medicine could have got hold of this pathologicalmis fit , this psychopath and given him drosera years ago may be the world would never have had to put up with the last war and the history of Europe , may be of the whole globe would have been different

Natrum muriaticum  if given in high potency to Hitler could have changed the history of the world , we however , think and believe that he needed a series of medicines like sulphur , drosera , natrum mur and also perhaps , tuberculunum , thyrodinum hyoscyamus , veratrum album etc .

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