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●Definition –
Diathesis means the inherited organic weakness and systemic inferiority which leads to the morbic disposition and specific pathological process in the evolution of a disease.
◆The Greek verb ‘diathethenai’ means to arrange .A multiplicity of related elements is arranged in a certain order.

1.Lymphatic Diathesis
2.Dyscratic Diathesis
3.Uric acid (Rheumatic gouty diathesis)
4.Tubercular Diathesis
5.Haemorrhagic Diathesis

?1. Lymphatic Diathesis
◆Psoric factors leadvto the development of a this diathesis in childhood.
◆First involves- skin,musoca
Finally up the internal organ and system.
◆Milk crust, dermititis,weeping eczema are often present during the first week of life.They are followed by corayza, bronchitis ane repeated colds.
◆Result -child is late in learning to talk and walk

?2.Dyscratic Diathesis
Belongs to the syphilitic.
◆The term dyscrasia was used to define a deprived state of humors,a state of imbalance.
◆this diathesis is often provides the background for the development of carcinomaa and other malingment tumors and leukaemia’s .
◆nervous system disorder tabes and paralysis may also involve in this diathesis

?3.Uric acid Diathesis
◆sycotic range of constitutional disorder
●synonyms-liathaemic ,rheumatic ,gouty , hydrogenoid
◆All rheumatic condition, depostis in joints,tendons , inflammatory condition,metabolic disorder,liver and biles diseases,arteriosclerosis come under this diathesis
◆benings tumors ranging from warts to fibroids,adenemos and uterine myomas are also included in this diathesis

?4.Tubercular Diathesis
◆have a history of tuberculosis or whopping cough,asthama or bronchitis,broncho pneumonia..Etc
◆They are weak,emaciated and have muscles wasting.
◆have tendency of cough and cold
◆there is a rapid response to any stimulus,also known as reacting miasam

?5.Haemorrhagic Diathesis
◆It is a predisposition or tendency of body
◆it is nothing more than a bleeding tendancy of the body

Guided by-Dr.B.P.Panda sir
Principal of PIHR

✍️Muhammad Jalebiya
2 year homoeopathic student of Parul institute of the homoeopathic and research

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