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Inferiority Complex And Homoeopathic Medicines

The expression “inferiority complex” first came into fashion in the psychoanalytic school of Freud and was amplified by the great psychoanalyst was Jung Adler and other pupils of Freud . It is quite clear however , that the condition of “inferiority complex” was known at all times and was more or less successfully treated by physicians under the most varied names , morbid timidity , misanthrophy , stage fright , the shakes , lack of self confidence and many others . All the present day when the causes and consequences of this condition are well known , its medical treatment has scarcely yet gone beyond the narrow circle of specialists , experts in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy who maintain that they alone are capable of s an “Infbringing about alleviation or even cure of this diseased condition of mind and spirit 

What basically ieriority Complex” ? :

1.It is in part of a conscious for the most part however , unconscious condition due to a person’s own weaknesses which impel him to with draw it himself .

2.It is a condition which of ten accompanied by a feeling of self – torment or even self – destruction drives a person to make himself even more insignificant than he really is and who there fore avoids comparing himself with others or measuring himself against them .

3.It is a condition that is nourished by one’s own mental state in a truly ominous circle , made worse by failures and defeats in association with the world .

The causes of this complex are very deeply rooted and when one asks the sufferer about it , he is not able to give a satisfactory answer only by means of psychoanalysis with its process of finding explanations as a result of testing of the interpretation of dreams and so forth , has it become possible to unravel the skein of deep causes of the unconscious in us and to clarify it . the modern psychotherapists  meanwhile mean while have not all persons are exposed to the same degree to the danger of falling environment and hereditary pre-dispositions as well as the influence of society are the basic factors here . What weapons are at the disposal of the physician to support the patient in dealing with his inhibitions ?

There is the procedure of psychoanalysis , the analysis of mental associations and processes that lies with in the sphere of a few specialists whose treatment is a long and expensive process , even if successful it is not always effective and some times even dangerous . There is further more , psychiatry the science of mental healing that is the medical treatment of mental disturbances . This procedure is very interesting from the view point of the physician , provided that he is a psychologist , he will be able to render incalucubly valuable services to the patient especially if he understands how to combine his psychological methods with other curative measures perhaps with auto suggestion .

The modern allopathic art of preparing medicines (pharmacology) has produced in recent years drugs which stimulate mental activity , resulting in an increases of mental capacity and nullifying the negative impulses from with in . These drugs have actually and literally exerted an effect which dissolves complexes , they free the patient from the fetters of morbid condition during the time that the body is subject to their medicinal effect , but this time span is fairly short and some times other unpleasant symptoms follow it , head aches and comatose states especially , moreover the momentary beneficial effect is often weakened in proportion to the number of times the remedy is repeated and finally when these remedies are taken too frequently and continuously they can lead to a condition of illness and addiction to drugs , in spite of these misgivings one must admit that the medicines can be extremely valuable as occasional aids , they make a breach in the fatal diabolical circle in which the patient is a captive , but when the treatment is directed from the beginning toward the comprehension of the entire organism (treatment of the whole ) one will be able to achieve a cure and make it permanent . this is only possible by means of homoeopathic remedies . Prescribed according to the law of similar of homoeopathy , some of the remedies will be mentioned below . naturally not in their entirely but only their effect upon the psychical constitution .

  1. Lycopodium ; is known as an outstanding liver and gall remedy . The lycopodium person is keenly intelligent but of slight physical strength . He has a high opinion of himself , but lacks of self-confidence ,he is afraid of not being successful in his work of not making an impression is timid about speaking in public . on the one hand he is violent , tyrannical , brooks no contradiction ; on the other hand , he is sad lacking in courage without energy with draws into the role of misogynist
  2. Gelsemium ; A person with great mental excitability , trembling , fearful , stage fright (timidity and fear of public appearances) causes diarrhoea in his case , palpitation of the heart with the feeling that the heart has stopped when he is not moving insomnia , trembling with the feeling of weakness worse when thinking of his excitability .
  3. Barium carbonicum ; A person with hardening of the arteries , slow mentality . In the development of retarded children , dull slow in comprehending and retaining , very shy , especially toward strangers , lack of self confidence , distrustful of others . Hides when visitors come , an extremely conscientious person full of groundless worries .
  4. Pulsatilla ; A preferred remedy for the female sex mild gentle affectionate modest excitable easily influenced timid undecided and changeable in need of comfort fear full melancholy tears flow easily but are quickly dried .
  5. Calcium phoshoricum ; children and adolescents with tubercular tendency , nervous excited restless intelligent but inattentive in school . A sensitive person easily frightened by harsh words ; lacking in self-confidence , feels at a disadvantage towards others as far as him mental powers are concerned all the more so when he tries hard to concentrate .
  6. Argentum nitricum ; A sufferer from psora , premature always in a hurry , hasty thinks he is late always wants to be through before the work is began , has the need of rushing into work to forget himself in it , so to speak he tries to conceal his inferiority complex to compensate for it through feverish activity . In case of certain excitements for example stage fright suffers from characteristic diarrhoea , also in case of fright .

Tuberculinum Remedies ; Especially “tuberculinum Marmoreck” and “tuberculinum koch” have in their symptom picture , loss of self-confidence , hence these “nosodes “are good basic remedies for all types of inferiority complex

Ambergris ; very fearful , fears company because the presence of other people neutralizes all his abilities restless in a hurry hasty anxious desperate melancholy .

Angustura Vera ; undecided dejected discouraged timid ventures to under take nothing from lack of self confidence, underestimates his own abilities , over estimates those of others .

  1. European Cyclamen ; Changeable in mood , pleasantly excited , then sad again tearful ,apathetic overly conscientious tormented by reproaches of self which are invented also a victim of feelings of inferiority complex .
  2. Silicea ; The great physical weakness and clumsiness in mental work spring from the lack of self-confidence and extreme irritability restless nervous anxious but especially easily started irritable , quarrelsome but also obstinate , stubborn inclined to melancholy discouraged tearful.

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