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Thirty Three: The Cross Roads And Homoeopathy Treatment

The passage from living as a couple to family depends on ever greater amount of altruisson , self sacrifice and self questioning the “we” gets better and bigger and bigger as the family grows leading us towards the the all –encompassing love of the one.

Hindus believe it is around the age of thirty three that incarnation of the atma [the personal soul or self] takes place. It is the time when our soul , that eternal part of our selves which existed along before our physical birth and will go on long after our physical birth and will go on after our physical death , comes into awareness.

The crisis is often triggered by some thing like a death in the family or an emotional problem and may be somatized into the physical body as a frontal sinusitis [the place where hindus locate the third eye-the eye of spirituality ]it does not matter which religion belongs to it is as though a window opens to reveal a new world which is more intense , more colorful, more vibrant nothing will ever be the same again , although the person’s initial feverish agitation is gradually replaced by a certain degree of serenity .He devours one spiritual book after another –books about the here after , about symbolism , about life after death . He may feel the need to join a spiritual group ,although here again he should beware of sects and their gurus , who like playing the role of the master and father (platina) who must always be obeyed and whose beliefs take over our own

Some people refuse to give away the spiritual dimension which calls them towards reconciliation with others

Arsenicum album refuses to see beyond the material world and can’t get over the death of a loved one .He becomes obsessive ,miserly and extremely chilly and suffers from insomnia (at 3am) and frontal sinusitis .He wears black all the time representing total ego and absence of color and light .If his fear of death finally derives him to religion , he is likely to become the self denying ascetic

Thuja is the religious fanatic consumed with passion for his faith . He wants to control of every thing ,to be at the center of the universe .He is the jealous disciple who may may eventually become the master (like platina)

Conium follows a succession of esoteric beliefs , each one more obscure and complicated than the last .He is a Gnostic who loses himself in intellectual theorizing and symbolism and misses the beauty in a rose or the spark in his neighbour’s eye .

Phosphorous has indescribable , mystic experiences in which he leaves his physical body , he always seems a little “out of fit “ and may put his own life in danger through contracting pneumonia , hepatitis or nephritis .he burns with all consuming universal love and forgets that while still on earth ,he needs to remain grounded .He has to work earn a living support his family , eat sleep and so on , phosphorous would like to live on love and water alone

So as individuals can make much greater progress with some one else starting with our partner . Couples hit a relation ship crisis when the gap between their two personalities grows too wide .The remedy is simple –each partner needs to listen to the other and ask them selves what they could change in order to improve their relation ship .Other people’s criticism always contain a grain of the truth that we have hidden away in our conscious and unconscious selves .If some thing about their partner annoys us , it is usually because ir reminds us of a part of our selves that we refuse to confront to accept

As we approach forty we are faced with the most important choice in life – whether the favor matter manner or spirit .Depending on our decision , we become either materialistic or spiritual

It is difficult to be materialistic without falling into a depression at some point or other since matter is temporary. It can only deteriorate and always disappoints . Many depressives are people struck in this cul-de-sac of materialism . They often have liver problems  (problems with real living ) and are galled by the fragility of material things .They don’t understand that nothing on the physical plane really belongs to us

Chelidonium is the remedy for liver  pains in people who refuse to see clearly belongs by opening up their third eye. If they happen to put some chelidonium mother tincture on their warts , they will start to take great spiritual strides forward . Iodum refuses to sit back and reflect and wears himself out with constant work , on the physical level        

It is his thyroid that falls out of balance and become either hypo-or hyperactive

Allain was suffering from progressive myasthenia and could no longer open his eyes , so that he seemed to be asleep all the time receiving an injection of iodine before a scan ,he nearly died from anaphylactic shock . He was jewish and when I asked him what the word iod means ,He explained that it was first letter of god’s name . These ancient sayings remind us again Hahnemaann’s three miasms ,psora with three materialism and fear of poverty psycosis with fanaticism and desire to control every thing and syphilis with its unbridled sexuality .

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