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Head Pain And Homoeopathy

Almost every one has experienced head pain ,ranging from relatively transient conditions such as head aches , tooth ache and sore throat to more debilitating ones , such as migraine and tinnitus , a number of complimentary therapies can help.

Head Ache :  The most common and widely experienced pain is head ache . It is also the most common type of referred pain . Most head aches are tension or nervous head aches caused by tightness in the muscle and tissues of the head , neck and shoulders , usually from the stresses and strains of every day living . Other common causes of head aches are over eating and excess alcohol which produces the characteristic hang over , these types of common head aches caused by more serious conditions such as infections , allergic reaction or inflammation are harder to treat but help is still possible . Prolonged or frequent aches and pains in the head should be reported to a medical practitioner .

Ear Ache : Pain in the ears can be caused by loud noise , cold winds or more seriously , by infection of the middle ear (otitis media) is a serious condition , which may result in a burst ear drum , seek medical advise if you have a fever or there is a discharge . nothing should be introduced into a discharging ear , if infection is the cause of the ache use “Echinacea tincture “ , every two hours , take 30 drops (half a tea spoon ) for an adult , or half that for a child , if the pain recurs reduce your intake of daily products , drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and cover your ears in the wind , regular supplements of vitamin C , zinc and garlic can also help

Homoeopathic remedies for ear ache : If the ears have a discharge , —hepar sulph

If ear ache follows an infection ——Silicea

For the early stages or recurrent ear ache —-ferrum phos or aconite

If the face is flushed —-Belladonna

For restlessness and irritability ——chamomilla

If these feelings follow measles or whooping cough —–pulsatilla

Homoeopathic Remedies For Head ache  :

Homoeopathic remedies can be a useful first aid treatment in emergencies , but most homoeopaths would advise a consultation with a qualified homoeopath rather than self-prescription , particularly for recurring or chronic headaches , if you are pregnant don’t take any remedies without advise .

Cause of Head Ache :                                                                                                                        
Over eating , feeling bloated –—Pulsatilla

Indigestion, constipation ——–Nux vomica

Fear , emotional excitement —-Gelsemium or Ignatia

Heat exposure ,sun stroke —— Belladonna

Injury or fall ———————–Arnica

Migraine Head ache : 

A severe and often disabling pain in the head , usually on one side only , is known as “migraine head ache “ . Some times it is accompanied by alarming symptoms such as altered perception , a feeling that the skull is in the grip of a tightening vice , pins and needles or numbness in the limbs , nausea , vomiting and an inability to do any thing . Symptoms can come and go may last for several hours , some times even days , no two people experience identical symptoms and different occasions so migraines are notoriously difficult to treat , prolonged or frequent aches and pains in the head should always be reported a medical practitioner .

Migraine Auras : Migraines which have been compared to some thing like an electrical storm going on inside the head , seem to have many causes , the most common are extreme stress , disco lights , noise , menstruation (women suffer from migraines much more than men ) , and eating or drinking trigger foods such as chocolate , cheese , oranges , coffee and red wine

Migraine auras are hallucinations caused by chemical disturbances in the brain , they can be felt visually as stars , flashing lights , zigzag patterns , blank spots in your field of vision but also as a change in the other senses of hearing ( music that is not there , for example ) , taste smell and touch , some people experience changes in their sense of reality or perception . Even speech and memory can be affected . This can be so severe that it can leave sufferers feeling very disoriented

Warning : prolonged or frequent aches and pains in the head should be reported to a medical practitioner , comfortable or until the migraine fades , take care that the point is not over stimulated as this may aggravate the symptoms for a short period

Massage : Massaging the head , neck , shoulders back feet and hands can some times bring relief , some people however do not like to be touched during a migraine attack . The massage should be soothing rather than vigorous use , long smooth strokes . continue as long as is comfortable and until it brings relief , if trying aromatherapy , use the same oils as for head aches .

Meditation and yoga help with the long term prevention of migraine as they encourage the body to relax and balance itself . Drinking the juice of root vegetables such as carrots and beetroot , green ones including spinach may ease a migraine attack .                        

For acute attacks, homoeopathic medicines : Natrum mur, lycopodium , nux vomica ,silicea or spigelia

Tinnitus : Usually described as a ringing , buzzing, hissing, roaring, or whistling, tinnitus is a constant back ground noise in the ear it tends to be depressing to the emotions rather than painful , persistent tinnitus should be investigated by a doctor as it may be a symptom of another illness . Tinnitus may be due to diseases of the inner ear or the nerves supplying the ear , other causes include depression , stress , anxiety , infection ,highblood pressure , drugs and congestion with wax , inhaling steam containing the same herbs that can clear noses and sinuses can help .

Homoeopathy Treatment : for pain with giddiness and a roaring noise seek medical advise to rule out serious problems , then take salicylic acid , if there are ringing , tinkling or hissing noises , take chinchona and other remedies are carbon sulph and kali iod  , it is best to consult a qualified homoeopath .

YOGA : head and neck exercises can help improve the circulation to the ears , slowly rotating the head and trying to touch your shoulders with your ears is a yoga exercise that helps alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus .

Head Pain : Sinusitis :-sinusitis is inflammation and infection of the sinusitis and produces catarrh , colds and flu may also initiate acute sinusitis , which may lead to bacterial infection , chronic sinusitis can be as painful as severe migraine and as hard to clear . Steam inhalation with eucalyptus and / or pine oil ( or , for a stronger effect , menthol ) will help alleviate the immediate symptom , gargling and washing the nasal passages with a teaspoon of salt in warm water can help clear catarrh , take supplements of vitamins C and B complex and zinc

Homoeopathic treatment : Nat-mur., catarrh is runny like egg white ., kali-chrown –catarrh is stingy and yellow ., hydrastis –continual with irritation of the nose .pulsatilla-yellow nasal discharge ., hepar – sulph-face is tender and sensitive . sambucus – sniffly blocked up nose in children . there are also useful , kali-sulph., being the most commonly prescribed , take one dose a day ; half dose for children .

Hay Fever : More properly called seasonal allergic reaction to a number of environmental factors, particularly , pollen grass seeds and dust . this results in inflammation of the linings of the nasal passages , causing sneezing , runny nose , itchy and weeping eyes and a sore throat . wash the nasal passages with a little salt in warm water .A month before the hay fever season starts ( in spring to early summer ) take warm water twice daily , pressing the point in the webbing between thumb and first finger can help .

Homoeopathy : to help relieve itching eyes and sneezing , try arsenicum alb., sabadilla., and allium cepa ., eyestrain: Reading , working at a computer screen and watching television all prevent the eyes from blinking as frequently as normal . This can lead to dry eyes , strain can occur if the vision is weak and the eyes may weep under excessive strain . calendula and cucumber , for severe eye strain , grate a raw potato and place enough on the closed eye lid to cover the whole eye , cover with gauge and leave for 1-2 hours .                

Homoeopathy : Try arnica for tired eye muscles ; if eyes are aching ; ruta grav , if eyes feel as if they are burning or if you experience strain after reading , bathing the eyes with euphrasia .also known as eye bright is an effective remedy to ease tired eyes .

connjunctivitis : Inflammation of the protective membrane inside the eye is known as conjunctivitis or pink eye , it gives rise to redness , pain and often a sticky discharge , infection is usually the cause , so medical advise should be sought , unless it is very mild , other causes include an allergic reaction or irritation caused by smoke and chemical sprays .

Homoeopathy treatment :  Bathe the eye 3 times daily in one part euphrasia tincture to 10 parts boiled water and take ferrum phos dissolved in hot water 4 times a day . other helpful remedies are belladonna for the early stages of inflammation ; aconitum for severe pain with itching and blistering ; apis mellifica for burning , sensitive eyes ; euphrasia  for sticky lids , mercurius cor. For discharging itchy eyes and pulsatilla , for hot watery eyes, if symptoms recur , consult a qualified homoeopath .

Eye exercises : Blinking rapidly followed by “ palming “ can help strained eyes , to palm ,rub your hands together vigorously to generate heat and then place both hands over the eyes while breathing deeply . hold them there for several minutes , some people also find gazing at a lighted candle helps .

Tooth abscess :  Also known as a gumboil , an abscess is a small , puss filled boil in the root of the tooth , treatment is almost always required from a dentist or dental surgeon , who will drain the pus to relieve the pain and swelling or remove the tooth . antibiotics will be prescribed to control the infection , care has to be taken to make sure that the pus does not enter the blood stream , from where it may be carried to other tissues . while waiting for your dental appointment try one of the following remedies to help ease the pain , which can be considerable . An ice pack held to the face over the sore area can help to bring relief , to make your own , wrap a bag of frozen vegetables in a tea towel .

Homoeopathic treatment  : start with belladonna 200 every hour , followed with silicea when the abscess has been drained , hepar sulph or is recommended for less severe pain , again , once the abscess  has been drained , follow this with silicea , hypericum and hypericum tincture diluted in warm water and used as a mouth wash can also help with the pain experienced after  a tooth extraction .

Face and Jaw pain :   Face pain may be caused by tooth ache , by inflammation of the nasal and sinus cavities of by neuralgia , jaw pain may be the result of an emotional or psychological problem , as well as a physical one , teeth grinding and clenching the jaw are frequent causes of jaw pain , as is poor tooth alignment a poor bite or even badly fitting dentures . Jaw pain can also be due to posture problems such as the head being held at an awkward angle or habitually standing or sitting with the jaw jutting forward . This can produce increasing strain on the hinge joint between the jaw bone and the skull the temporomandibular joint and its attaching ligaments , this type of pain is usually known as TMJ tension , for short , depending on its cause , TMJ tension may respond to rest and pain killers but there may be strain on the jaw muscles which hurt or may even lock –whenever you open or close your mouth , the jaw may also click or pop and severe head ache may result . A covered hot water bottle makes an effective hot compress for face pain as a result of inflammation of the nasal and sinus cavities , for face pain caused by tooth ache , a cold compress made with a pack of frozen peas is effective .

Gum Pain :  Pain in the gums is usually pain in the gums usually the result of a build up of plaque around the base of the teeth , which causes inflammation there , a condition known as gingivitis , it is often brought about by poor tooth and gum care , especially inadequate brushing and flossing . Gums become sore and bleed and in extreme cases the teeth may begin to loosen and fall out  .

Homoeopathic Treatment :  Rhus tox., hepar sulph ., or nat-mur., may help , start with a 30 C or 200 potency dose , every 4 hours for 2 days and then every morning and evening for 3 days , if bleeding from the teeth is heavy , take one dose of phosphorous 30 C , every 10 minutes and then hourly as necessary . 

Tooth Ache :  Tooth ache can be extremely painful and you will need to see a dentist to check if the tooth root or gum are infected or defective in some way , temporary alleviation of pain is possible with the following remedies

Homoeopathic Treatment : for tooth ache in adults —  aconite , or pulsatilla  or calcarea phos for pain with tearfulness an ice pack held to the face over the sore area can help bring relief , hypericum –if there is infection . 

Mouth Ulcers :  pain full mouth ulcers are likely to be caused by a combination of factors , particularly stress a depleted immune system , bad diet and nutritional deficiency . The virus that triggers cold sores can sometimes cause ulcers as can accidentally biting your cheek or wearing badly fitting dentures see your dentist or doctor if mouth ulcers do not clear up with in 2 weeks .

Homoeopathic treatment :  Merc-sol. Or nitric acid . are the main .  These are small ulcerated areas of the mouth and gums with a gray base  which cause pain and soreness , they are associated with vital disease , vitamin deficiency , stree , and mechanical problems of dentition .

Prevention and self help : recurrent ulcers are usually a sign of stress and proper measures to promote relaxation are encouraged , such as , massage and relaxation exercises . make sure your tooth brush is not too hard ; it may be causing abrasions in your mouth . Diet and suggest vitamin supplements ( B and C ) and zinc , relaxation and stress relief are also emphasized .

Sore Throat :  also known as pharyngitis , sore throat is caused by inflammation of the pharynx , the are at the back of the mouth, the term  “sore throat “ is also applied to inflammation of the adenoids , tonsils and the voice box or larynx ( laryngitis ) . It cause a sore throat , characterized by hoarseness and loss of voice , if there is no obvious cause for these symptoms , perhaps from shouting or singing to loudly , a sore throat  is often the first sign of either bacterial or viral infection , which may be an additional symptom of a cold or flu , prompt and early action can help prevent the infection developing and becoming more serious .

Nutritional Therapy : take vitamin C with bio flavonoids , zinc vitamins A and E and fish oil to boost immunity . gargling provides instant symptomatic relief for a sore throat , whatever the cause . Gargling provides instant symptomatic relief for a sore throat .

Homoeopathic Treatment : try belladonna, hepar sulph, mercurius , arsenicum, or apis mellifica for inflammation and pain . for tightness lachesis, lycopodium , or phytolacca 

Tonsillitis :  tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils , it is some times caused by a virus but it is more commonly due to an infection , usually one of the streptococcus bacteria symptoms are a very sore , red swollen throat fever head ache , swollen neck glands and some times a dry cough , recurrent infection damages the tonsils by building up scar tissue , it may also lead to the formation of an abscess , known as a quinsy , around the tonsil , the throat threatens to close completely and prevent breathing . If this happens seek immediate medical help .

Homoeopathic treatment :  for infected pain full tonsils difficulty in swallowing and discharge , try merc. Sol. For pain and fever with bad breath , use mercurius ; red and stiff neck , use belladonna .

Cold and Flu :  colds and flu produce a variety of uncomfortable symptoms .In colds symptoms are mainly confined to the head particularly in the ears , nose and throat . most colds go away after about a week or so with or with out treatment . flu can be felt through out the body , especially in the joints , chest and lungs , one of the most elusive viral illness , flu is more serious than a cold and requires bed rest at least in its preliminary stages .

Homoeopathic Treatment :  Aconite –hot ,dry ,sudden onset , apis mel—redness and puffiness of throat ,  belladonna —high temperature , red face ,   hepar sulph— very sore green mucus ,  mercurius —bad smell, slimy saliva , sweating and thirsty .             

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