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Case Of Chronic Allergic Rhinitis

We all know that in today’s busy life we tend to get very irritable. Even if it is a very simple cough or cold we need very quick results. In such cases, if we have a runny nose or watering eyes which is occurring recurrently it can be pretty difficult to carry out day to day activities.

Here is one such case of Chronic Allergic Rhinitis, a 35-year-old female patient who had come on a rainy day with very bad sneezing and running nose along with nose block and watering of eyes. She was suffering from this for 10 years off and on. These symptoms were worse during the rainy season and early morning and from the smoke. Mentally, she was irritable, short-tempered, had many worries but never shared with anybody and had a weeping disposition. The patient had done all the blood test which showed normal values. And had taken medicine from other systems with little relief.

By repertorisation from Kent’s repertory and with reference from Boericke’s materia medica, Natrum Mur 200/1dose and Ammonium carb 4globules SOS was given.

The reason for giving Natrum mur is because in the patient’s life history it was found that she is married since 10 years now and since then she is finding it difficult to adjust because her mother-in-law was not very nice to her and she used to get irritated but never shared her worries with anyone and there were many suppressed emotions and worries. Ammonium carb was given because under Boericke’s materia medica and Kent’s repertory it is given early morning aggravation with 3 markings.

The next follow up was after 2 weeks, the patient felt 50% better with the complaint and occasional sneezing. Sac lac SOS was given.

After a week patient was feeling the same 50% better and not much difference, Nat Mur 200 stat was given.
After 2 weeks, the patient was completely better. No new complaints were mentioned by the patient. Her mental symptoms like anger and weeping tendency also were better as per the patient.

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