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Situational Materia Medica

Theoretically at least for each situational stress we have many different syndromes -group of symptoms- pointing to different remedies. This is the whole idea in classical homeopathy, the essence of homeopathic prescribing, which lies in individualizing every case independent of the situation, whether the stress is pathological mental or emotional.
If we accept the theory that every time a situation can create a specific host of symptoms of a particular remedy then the essence of the ideas of Hahnemann are gone and we are approaching again the allopathic way of thinking, where it says that for a specific pathogen we have always a specific pathology. If we accept such ideas then while our work will appear to be entering a huge easy open door our work will seem to becomes very simplified and classical homeopathy to You just need to know the situation on which you found yourself on this or on a previous life and the remedy will be apparent!!
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