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Homeopathy: Art Or Science? What Is The Ideal “Mixture” For An Effective Prescription?

The motivation for this article comes from Dr. R. Morrison’s defense of the “teachings” of Rajan Sankaran and his book “The Substance of Homeopathy.” I read this critique with much amazement and concern. Dr. R. Morrison writes in Simillimum, Vol. 7, No.3: “Perhaps the most inspired section of. .. Sankaran’s book “is the exposition concerning the kingdoms of the remedies -animal, plant, and mineraI. Sankaran claims that most patients can be categorised according to one of these kingdoms (or a nosode) [!} based upon easily recognisable features. He has extended the doctrine of signatures far beyond any previous scope. He has boldly stated that the imprint of the remedy is detectable in the patient. I found Dr. Sankaran to be essentially an artistic [my emphasis] thinker and a deeply intuitive man …Sankaran has entered a realm of intuitive science”! [my exclamation mark.]
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