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”Repertory At A Glance” With Dr Shashikant Tiwari | A New Course Announced By ‘The Homeopathic Academy’

In the course, Dr S.K. Tiwari will make you competent in choosing the repertory and answer each and every question a homeopath comes across while handling a case. Why a repertory is useful? When it is useful? Which repertory to be used in which case? How to repertorize different cases using different repertories? Thus, this course will pave the way to select a correct remedy through repertorization, following the Cardinal Principles of Homeopathy.
Through this course, Dr Tiwari will make you proficient in the art of case taking, analysis and evaluation of the case that will guide you regarding the selection of a suitable repertory and work with the respective methodology as per the suitability of the case. Dr Tiwari has also outlined the correct procedure of understanding a case and working out the case in a logical and scientific way, through different types of case discussions. Besides, he has also explained the benefits and lacunae in each repertory in detail so that every physician forms an informed choice about the road that he wishes to take in his own medical practice.

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