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B Jain Group Pays Tribute To Dr R.P. Patel On His Demise

Dr R. P. Patel
Dr R. P. Patel

Great homeopath Dr R. P. Patel is no more with us. Today is going to be his funeral at 3:30 PM in Vadodara. May his soul rest in peace. A Legendary Homoeopath never dies, as he always lives with his words, articles and books amongst all the homeopaths and the homeopathy lovers.

He did many LM prescriptions and made visible cancer cures. He achieved in many cases with ‘survival period’ of 5 years and ‘cure’ after 10, 20, 30, 40 years of creative and productive lives with Homoeopathic LM prescriptions, he is one of the examples, of Making The Impossible To Possible.
He spread the importance of 6th Edition Of Organon and he practised according to the Sixth Edition of Organon of Medicine. Dr R. P. Patel has put in his long years of experience since 1948 with LM Potencies in his practice. His familiarity with medical literature in general and homoeopathic literature, in particular, is evident by his reference to various books. The beginner homoeopath or the one with long years of practice, who feel guilty of not knowing LM prescriptions and homoeopathic literature can redeem themselves by reading his books. All his books and articles give an insight into Hahnemann’s statements, about the LM potencies regarding repetitions with re-dynamized gentle dosing of the well-selected remedy. Every page and every line of his articles will tell you how to practice homoeopathy successfully and the lines “in-between” will tell you the life history of Dr R. P. Patel.

Bjain Group pays their tribute on the demise of DR R.P. Patel and we believe that he might be gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. We thank you sir and we are proud that we lived as contemporaries with you.

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