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Dr. Mark Agyei Wins Most Outstanding CEO Of The Year 2019 In Alternative Medicine

Dr. Mark AgyeiNew Life Homeopathic Clinic was declared “Most Technical Advanced Homeopathic Hospital of 2019” by the West African Health Care Excellence Award, and just after 34 days, the Head Doctor once again received a prestigious award as “Most Outstanding CEO of the Year In Alternative Medicine” at this year’s Ghana Business Standard Awards organized by KN Unique Communications in partnership with Strategic Accountancy Africa, held last Friday at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel.

The Ghana Business Standards Awards seek to celebrate organizations that are committed to the remarkable business standards of their sectors and industry leaders, breaking the barriers to excellence in Ghana’s business sector and around the world.

The award was received when the clinic equipped its headquarters with ultra-modern facilities to easily solve the challenges facing Ghanaians in healthcare.

The facility, which specializes in using alternative medicine to cure various diseases, was recognized in Ghana for its advanced technology and immense contribution to the healthcare sector.

The clinic has an ultra-modern building consisting of OPD, counselling room, physiotherapy unit, laboratory, scan, conference room, lobby, patients’ wards for male and female.

New Life Homeopathic Clinic has also specialized in acute and chronic diseases such as stroke, infertility, prostate disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The clinic has become one of the leading health centres in Ghana providing effective and high-quality healthcare for patients since it began 7 years ago.

After the award,  In an interview with Dr Mark Agyei, he thanked the organizers for recognizing him and his clinic’s contribution to better health care delivery in the country.

“I am very happy to be recognized for my outstanding performance in Alternative Medicine over the years in curing chronic diseases in this country”

“This award will guard me to work hard and ensure that Ghanaians and people around the world receive proper health care delivery through Homeopathy means”
“Visit New Life Homeopathic Clinic for health care is what I will recommend for everyone”

DrAgyei defeated more than 10 homoeopathic hospitals and clinics to be crowned number one in the country in terms of quality healthcare delivery.

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