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CSIR And AYUSH Accelerates Research Work On Herbal Drugs Discovery

New Delhi: In order to aim at promoting traditional medicines, the Council of Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR) is ready to begin an important campaign to discover new medicines from Ayurvedic formulations with the help of its three dozen laboratories.


An agreement was also signed between CSIR and the Ministry of AYUSH to accelerate the research work and both departments have expressed their hope that their joint efforts will help the discovery of new Ayurvedic medicines to cure new diseases based on lifestyle.


According to the CSIR official, the joint program would focus on the development of new medicines through extensive research work.


The agreement to explore new herbal drugs was signed by CSIR DG Shekhar C Mande and Ayush’s secretary, Rajesh Kotecha. Under the agreement, both departments would initiate two programs: one would be based on the discovery of drugs inspired by traditional knowledge, while the other would focus on food-age medicine.


It should be noted that both the CSIR and Ayush departments have already developed the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL), in which all Ayurvedic formulas have been written in many foreign languages.

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