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Refresh 2019: One day Seminar By IPH Foundation

REFRESH 2019 -1Date: 16th MARCH, 2019 – SATURDAY

Place: Hyderabad – Telangana.



IPH Foundation formerly known as Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy ( IPH ) in association with JSPS Government Homoeopathic Medical College – HYDERABAD, Telangana.



Conference Hall, JSPS Government Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital – HYDERABAD, Telangana. REFRESH 2019 -6



  • Health & Homoeopathy – non-academic introduction
  • Practice Management in Homoeopathy
  • Clinical Establishment – audio-video presentation
  • Clinical Evidence in Homoeopathy – an introduction
  • ANS& WIN – talent appreciation programme



IPH Foundation, formerly known as Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH), an Institutional Member of LMHI – Germany, in association with JSPS Government Homoeopathic Medical College (JSPSGHMC), Hyderabad, organised a One Day seminar (refresh 2019) at JSPS Government Homoeopathic Medical College’s Lectures Halls on Sunday, 16th March, 2019.


REFRESH 2019 -2Prof. Dr Gadugu Srinivasulu, Nodal officer, CME – JSPSGHMCH, invited the guest to the dais. Prof. Dr Ch. Srinivasa Reddy, Vice-Principal, JSPS Govt. Homoeo Medical College, Hyderabad facilitated permission to organise the seminar. The programme was inaugurated by Prof. Dr N. LINGA RAJU.


Principal, JSPSGHMC, Hyderabad. Prof. Dr Ramana Rao, Prof. Dr Yugandhar Reddy, Superintendent, Dharma Kiran Govt.  Homeopathic Hospital, Hyderabad and Prof. Dr Krishna Murthy were among the guests on the Dais. Dr B. S. Mohan, Director, Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH), the Guest of Honour.


REFRESH 2019 -5In their inaugural words. Dr Ch. Srinivasa Reddy expressed that the Refresh 2019 is a unique programme among all other one day seminars which narrates the management of the clinical practice in Homoeopathy. This gives the subject other than we dealt in the colleges. He asked the participants to follow the guidance and suggestions made by the speakers who came with a lot of clinical experience. Dr Jeevan Pramod a Post Graduate student, looked after all the arrangement for the seminar as a Student Co-ordinator.


Dr B. S. Mohan, Chairman, IPH Foundation, presented his talk on Health, Health Care Industry & Homoeopathy for the Non-Clinical Students of UG and Practice Management In Homoeopathy was presented to Final Years, Internees and Post Graduates. Dr K. L. Prasanna, member IPH Foundation, presented her audiovisual work on Clinical Establishment in Homoeopathy and Dr D. V. Krishna Rao, Secretary, IPH Foundation, stressed the importance of evidence-based medicine with his Introduction to Clinical Evidence In Homoeopathy through his presentation. He also presented a few treated evidenced based cases. REFRESH 2019 -8Dr T. V. Sagar, Member, IPH Foundation, presented his treated case of Infertility with Marker Chromosome with well documented Clinical evidence.


Dr C. P. Satya Prasad retired Professor and Chief advisor, IPH delivered his talk on Disease – Cause & Effect.


A talent appreciation programme, ANS & WIN for all the UG and PG students was also organised by Dr I. Srinivas, Treasurer, IPH Foundation. Winners of the ANS& WIN were appreciated and awarded with Merit Certificates and Mementoes. REFRESH 2019 -9A jury committee headed by Dr C.P. Satya Prasad with members Dr B.V.Bhaskar, B. Usha, and Dr T. Sree Ram selected the winners for ANS& WIN programme. Dr N. Gavesh, member IPH, supervised the seminar from IPH end.


IPH also organised a College survey programme on various student-related issues. Dr D. V. Krishna Rao presented the vote of thanks. Total 207 participants including, UG, PG students, Internee and Faculty members participated in the programme.

REFRESH 2019 -4

The entire programme was organised by Dr Srinivasulu Gadugu, Nodal Officer, CME – JSPSGHMC, Hyderabad and Finance Secretary – IIHP National. He appreciated the IPH Foundation for coming forward to motivate, update and promote high standards in Homoeopathic Clinical Practice.


All the members of IPH foundation and invited Faculty members of the JSPSGHMC, Hyderabad were among the attended.

Reported by Dr B. S. MOHAN

REFRESH 2019 -3


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