KARNATAKA HOMOEOPATHIC In today’s world, where health issues are emerging at an increasing rate, Homoeopathy has an answer to solve the issues and help in building a healthy society.


Karnataka Homoeopathic Medical Association, an association at State level, was inaugurated on 31st January 2019 at Gandhi Bhavan, Bangalore. It was a matter of pride that the Association was inaugurated by Shri Vajubhai Vala, Honorable Governor of Karnataka. His presence added to our enthusiasm towards the Association. Former President, Central Council of Homoeopathy, Dr SPS Bakshi; Commissioner, Department of AYUSH, Smt. Meenakshi Negi were the guests of honour.


KARNATAKA HOMOEOPATHIC The inaugural function commenced with a ray of hope by lighting the lamp. Along with the Honorable Governor, Dr B. Sathyavathi, Treasurer of Karnataka Homoeopathic Medical Association lit the lamp, which depicted an encouraging gesture towards women power.


As a token of respect towards the founder of Homoeopathy, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, his photo was garlanded by Shree Vajubhai Vala along with the other guests.


Dr Rajesh A., the Working President of Karnataka Homoeopathic Medical Association, commenced the function by welcoming the Chief Guest, other guests of honour, all the senior doctors, teachers, students and media friends present at the convention.


KARNATAKA HOMOEOPATHIC Association President Dr Veerabramhachary addressed the gathering with a positive thought to stretch the line of Homoeopathy to the rural areas. He proposed the State to start up a Homoeopathy college in North Karnataka. He also stressed upon improvising the education quality at the colleges and to overlook the functioning of the colleges. He said, most of the students are deputed in primary health centres and end up practising Allopathy medicines which are dangerous for public health. Dr Veerabramhachary believes homoeopathic medicines work well for respiratory illness, skin problems and orthopaedic issues and he want people to access this medicine as an alternative. He says, being healthy is very important and if the people are healthy, society is healthy.


KARNATAKA HOMOEOPATHIC Dr SPS Bakshi, Former CCH President, congratulated the Association and assured his continuous support for the Association in future as well for the betterment of Homoeopathic System of Medicine.


This was followed by an extremely inspiring talk by the Chief Guest, Shri Vajubhai Vala. Instances of successful homoeopathic treatments experienced by his family were encouraging and motivating to the young Homoeopathic doctors and to the public as well. A very good take away message was given that we should learn from everybody irrespective of young or experienced. His message of sharing the knowledge to all and not just keeping it to oneself was a real opener for all of us.


KARNATAKA HOMOEOPATHIC A pleasing vote of thanks was given by Dr Niranjan Kurkimutt, General Secretary of Karnataka Homoeopathic Medical Association.


The inauguration function was followed by a Homoeopathic Scientific Seminar which showered immense knowledge on various topics of homoeopathy to the audience. The seminar was started with Dr V. Vivekananda Vernekar, followed by 3 other speakers.


Dr V. Vivekananda Vernekar, MD (HOM), Dean Faculty of Homoeopathy, Yenepoya University, Mangalore, spoke about ‘Pathophysiological approach in Homoeopathic remedy selection’.


KARNATAKA HOMOEOPATHIC The next speaker Dr S. S. Patil, MD (HOM), Senior Homoeopathic Physician, Gulbarga, VicePresident, Karnataka Homoeopathic Medical Association, spread the knowledge on ‘Efficacy of Homoeopathic Treatment in alopecia’.


A very interesting topic ‘Medical Emergencies and Homoeopathy’ was discussed by Dr A.N. Sundaresh, MD (HOM), Senior Homoeopathic Physician, Davangere, Joint Secretary, Karnataka Homoeopathic Medical Association.


The seminar ended with the last discussion on ‘Homoeopathic approach towards Skin diseases’ by Dr Varalakshmi. R.MD (HOM), Asst. Professor, Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Bangalore.


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