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Ayush to get State Directorate

Twenty-member committee sends its recommendations to the health ministry; doctors to get a boost after the final call

In a relief to the ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy, unani, siddha and homoeopathy (Ayush) doctors, a separate directorate will specifically be set up for them in the state.
Although Ayush doctors have been providing services at the state public health department since 1960, they are not taken into consideration while making crucial decisions, regarding promotions, etc. Taking cognisance of this, the state health ministry formed an advisory committee in January 2018 to study the upgradation of standards, formulation and strengthening of skilled services and creation of organisational structure of Ayush health services. The 20-member team was created under the chairmanship of Dr Shriram Savrikar. Subsequently, the committee submitted a report, suggesting creating an independent directorate for Ayush in the state.
Talking to Mirror, Savrikar said, “A huge number of BAMS ayurvedic doctors are working with the public health department for decades. But despite having the required qualification and seniority in services, they cannot move above Group A in their career. This is because there is no provision in the health services for them. Also, Group A medical officers are as less as 200 across the state. On the other hand, the modern medicine graduates, who enter the sector on the equal post along with ayurvedic doctors, have progressed to the position of a director. Even salaries paid to ayurvedic doctors are meagre. It is injustice.”
At present, there are 65 ayurveda, 60 homeopathy and seven unani medical colleges in the state with a total of 1,49,582 Ayush practitioners.
Savrikar added, “Along with no position in the administrative services, there is no organisational structure for ayurveda graduates from district to state-level departments of public health services. After our thoughtful and studious discussion, we have proposed a self-sustainable organisational structure at all levels of health services to increase the standards of Ayush.”
A total of 3,995 posts have been recommended, including 310 for chief Ayush physicians, 60 for ayurved specialists and 1,676 for ayurvedic medical officers. The committee has also recommended having 49 homeopathy specialists, 1,360 homeopathic medical officers, 484 unani medical officers, 310 yoga and naturopathy specialists, 964 pharmacists and 1,047 masseurs.
Confirming the development, Dr Sanjeev Kamble, state director of health services, said, “The doctors in this system of medicines will get a boost after this. The public will also get a chance to get treated from various other systems of medicines. The recommendations have been sent by the committee and the ministry will take a final call. If it asks suggestions from us, we will provide the same. The directorate of health services of Ayush will work under the state director of public health services.”

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