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Create a Change: Petition Filed to Update Homeopathy on Wikipedia

Dear Reader,
You must be aware that the Wikipedia information page on Homeopathy does not represent the true definition of the homeopathic system of medicine ( Rather than promoting neutrality of information, which is the mandate of Wikipedia, the write-up on Homeopathy is based on misinformation, scepticism, and biased references. As many people rely on Wikipedia for information, especially the general public, they are left with a misleading and incorrect impression of Homeopathy.
Wikipedia also has disabled editing on this information page.
Homeopathy is growing as an established science and has evolved over the past few decades, be it in research or clinical practice. Much evidence proves the scientificity of homeopathy, yet Wikipedia ignored it.
Therefore, the Homeopathy information page must be updated without bias by consulting noted experts, including classical homeopaths, and using appropriate references.
Therefore, I request that you please sign this petition and share this email with your friends, colleagues, and association members, so that a large number of people can sign this petition.
Let us all show our strength as Homeopaths and come forward to save Homeopathy!
Your two minutes of time will definitely create a Change!

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