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Understanding Acids Through Rhyme

Rhyme on Acids
Twilight, Twilight, Twilight,
The picture is Twilight.
Gross and morose,
Yet, miles to achieve and arrive.
Hides tears in the day,
And act, life is easy,
But in the night when no one is looking,
Hurts oneself, so is bleeding.
A hidden world of woes and pains,
Hurries in morning to have some gains,
Collegues must appraise his genious,
Although too weak to outlive the stresses.
Do I deal with death ?
Tired, restless still showing mirth,
Bleeding and Brusing,
He tries and tries.
Chilled within, sweat fetid,
Broken down, discharges are acrid.
Acetic acid surgeon’s friend,
After surgery and anesthesia life is a bend.
Phosphoric acid physician’s friend
Violent acute diseases, loss of fluid,
Sexual escesses, panthers of life,
Indifferent, prostrated, urine milky white.
Fluoric acid Geriatrician’s friend,
Caries and necrosis, Varicosities and ulcers,
Cicatrices are red, everything is so weird.
Muriatic acid Oncologist’s friend,
Tumour malignancies all around,
Haemorrhoids sensitive, blue and prolapsed,
Typhoid a waner, makes him Paralyzed.
Nitric acid Brunette’s friend,
Pricks and splinters sensation so wild,
Fissures and cracks, indifference surround.
Yes, I am acid, withered and limited
Crippled and shattered, corroded and destroyed.
Author: Dr Abha
Source: The Homoeopathic Heritage, May 2016

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