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Bach Flower: Agrimony

So many times we come across beautiful  smiling faces who would give us  the prettiest  smiles as we cross paths with them …the kind you’d want to stop by and say a friendly ‘hello’ to,  even though you’d never even know them….and it is only after maybe years of ‘knowing’ them that one day, while u just ‘peep’ through their ‘windows’ , u’re ‘shocked’ to see them weeping, all alone. Suddenly the ‘facade’ that you’ve always seen them in , comes crushing down… and upon much asking they come up with their real ‘stories’, the ‘real’ them….!!!! The ‘shocking ‘ revelations they let you into, about their sad lives and their most troubled pasts makes you wonder as to how can such people even survive through all these years of trials and tribulations, let alone being ‘happy’ and ‘smiling’!!! How can they be the bright shining lights to the world outside , when inwardly they’re so much filled with the despair of dark grief?
Such people are the ones who give away love and smiles and laughter so freely around that one can never ever ‘guess’ their inner feelings of sadness and grief… but then as always , even with people like these , there comes a time when they can no longer ‘take in’ any more and their ‘happy’ ‘facade’ falls off revealing their innermost turmoil… but sadly, they are not used to any ‘consolation’ and neither , at times ,do not really ‘like’ anyone sympathising with them as well  and so they succumb to all that life’s ever given them, finally bringing an end to their ‘stories’ by running away some place where noone knows them or by committing suicides !!!
The worst part is , that these kind of people are so very difficult to identify and if somehow, someone’s able to understand their sadness , they would still not be very open to venting out what they truly feel.
AGRIMONY is a beautiful remedy to help all such people to come forth with their innermost feelings and to share their ‘darkness’ within , to open up to the the wonderful ‘daylight’ and to no longer be the light that shines only on the outside but, from ‘the within’. Simultaneously, IGNATIA in Homoeopathy is another remedy for people with this kind of ‘silent grief’ within.
Actions speak so much of an individual than his words… such AGRIMONY type of people are no doubt difficult to identify , but anytime you ‘know’ of someone as such, TALK to him, help them bring our their innermost feelings , LISTEN to them in the most nonjudgmental manner and make them feel WANTED and LOVED! These are, but a few things which every individual can do to make the world a happier ,loved and a more beautiful place to live in!!!!

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