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Redline Symptoms of Lachesis mutus

Lachesis mutusINTRODUCTION
Lachesis is a genus of venomous pit viper found in forests of central and south America. The genetic name refers to one of the three fates in Greek methodology who determined the length of the thread of life. The venom of Lachesis snake is used in making the homoeopathic remedy which is extremely powerful. It is used as a remedy to cure several nervous and circulatory diseases and disorders. Amongst the snakes, Lachesis is one of the best used and proved drug in the field of homoeopathy. This work is to show the redline symptoms of Lachesis by various stalwarts in the field of homoeopathy. This is a small try in combing the redline symptoms of Lachesis from materia medica books of WILLIAM BOERICKE, E.B. NASH &, C. HERING
Lachesis in homoeopathy helps in purification of blood in our body, improving the health of women or even improves the conditions during menoupause, in curing various skin injuries, regulates mind and body during mood swings.
Keynote Features

  • Hemorrhagic tendency blood fluid
  • Very important during climatric hot flushes
  • Ill effects of suppressed discharges
  • Cannot bear anything tight anywhere.
  • Great loquacity one word leads to another story
  • Mental labor best performed at night.
  • women who have not recovered from the change of life – “have never felt well since that time.
  • All symptoms worse after during sleep and sleep into
  • Left side is principally affected , left to right disease travels.
  • Great sensitiveness to touch wears cloth loose
  • Complaints ameliorated by discharges.
  • Weakness of memory makes mistakes in writting; confusion as to time.
  • Quick comprehension; mental activity, with almost prophetical perception ecstasy ; a kind of trance.
  • Delirium at night, muttering, drowsy, red face ; slow, difficult speech and dropped jaw
  • Delirium tremens, attacks come most in afternoon, or after sleep; loquacious, jumps from subject to subject.
  • Cannot bear shirt or neckband to touch throat.
  • One word often leads into midst of another story. Loquacity; much rapid talking; wants to talk all the time.
  • Exceptional loquacity with rapid change of subject; jumps abruptly from one idea to another.
  • Feel s extremely sad, unhappy and distressed in mind on waking in morning
  • Great sadness and anxiety, in morning on awaking.
  • Dullness of cerebral function. Diphtheria. Scrltina .
  • Throbbing pain in temple with heat in head. Migraine.
  • Headache extending into nose. Pressing or bursting pains in temples, from motion,
  • Pressure, stooping or lying down.
  • Headache in sun, glimmering sight. Feels when throat is pressed, as if the eyes were forced out.
  • Whites of eyes yellow. Jaundice
  • Tearing pain extending from zygoma into ear.
  • Pains in ears with sore throat.
  • Ear wax too hard, pale and insufficient; whitish, like chewed paper.
  • Nosebleed : dark ; with amennorrhoea ;before menses ; typhus ; blowing of blood, mostly in morning ; trickling on blowing ; from both nostrils ; on swallowing, sensation as if tonsils were sore, like a wound, with stinging through ears.
  • Toothache : from eating ; biting ; something warm; drinking warm things or cold ; during menstruation when awaking ; from getting wet ; in the Spring ; in Summer ; from external warmth ; from cleaning teeth ; with chilliness, heat, thirst ; in persons who have taken too much mercury with headache ; with swelling of cheek ; teeth too long, blunt. Saliva abundant and tenacious. scarlatina .Sore mouth in last stage of phthisis.
  • Syphilitic ulceration of mouth and throat.
  • Throat and neck sensitive to slightest touch or external pressure; everything about throat distresses, even the weight of the bedcovers.
  • If in evening on lying down anything touches throat or larynx, it seems as though he would suffocate and pain is much, Can endure nothing tight on throat; nausea is at times caused there by.
  • Constant pain swallowing empty, not swallowing food.
  • Difficulty of swallowing saliva, not food.
  • Liquids cause more difficulty in swallowing than solids, they escape through nose.
  • Cannot swallow sweet or acrid things. Syphilis.
  • Liver complaints : at climatric ; after a flue ; pain as if something had lodged in r. side, with stinging
  • Diarrhoea : of mixed blood and slime in warm weather, by acid fruits ; at night and after sleep ; with frothy urine ; a few days before or after catamenia, with colic ; during climaxis; of drunkards, with languor and exhaustion, very excessive in hot weather and with large hemorrhoidal tumors, which protrude after each pappy, offensive stool, with constriction of Sphincter and continuned desire to evacuate.
  • Buboes: with sore throat and headache ; indurated or with fistulous Openings and hectic ; after mercury ; suppurating a long time.
  • Uterus does not bear contact and has to be relieved of all pressure ; frequently lifts clothes, they cause an uneasiness in abdomen, no tenderness Prolapsus during climax is, with flashes of heat, hot vertex ; metrorrhagia and fainting ; pain in l. hypogastric and ovarian region. Phlegmasia albadolens.
  • Fame in ovaries after confinement.
  • Constantly obliged to take a deep breath.
  • Desperate fits of suffocation, must sit up in bed; cutting pain in abdomen Chest feel s constricted.
  • Suddenly something runs from neck to larynx and interrupts breathing completely; it wakens at night.
  • During heat as of orgasm of blood he is obliged to loosen clothes about neck sensation as though they hindered circulation of blood, with a kind of suffocative feeling.
  • Asthma: from covering mouth or nose, touching throat, moving arms, on awaking, after eating or talking; sitting bent forward. Edema pulmonum emphysema.
  • Threatening paralysis of lungs, greatest difficulty in breathing, with long lasting attacks of suffocation.
  • Sharp pain through lungs with great dyspnoea sitting erect or lying down; bending body forward and throwing head back; feeling of intense constriction in all parts of chest, as if lungs were pressed up into throat; constriction in throat as if cord was tied around ,necessitating loosening of covering ; sensation as if heart turned over and ceased heating for a while, after which pulsations increased in force. Spasmodic asthma.
  • Must cough hard and long before he can raise.
  • Erysipelas of legs or arms; surface.
  • Bluish, swelling glossy, impending gangrene.
  • Great physical and mental exhaustion, constantly sinks down from weakness; in morning.
  • Weakness of whole body, in morning on rising, especially in arms and feet.
  • Weakness in morning in sleep ; on waking general sick feeling, vertigo, feeling of lead in occiput, can scarcely raise head from pillow ; all joints seem sprained.
  • Feeling as though body was overwhelmed by a disintegrating tendency, with sinking of all forces.
  • Trembling all over; exhausted, faint.
  • Fainting, with pain in heart, nausea, pale face, vertigo.
  • Muscular prostration. Diphtheria. Scarlatina


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