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Homeopathy and Hair Fall- Its Cause and Cure with 20 realtime Cases

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This Video explains about possible cause of hair fall and homeopathic management. At last part of video one can see 20 real time cases who has been benefitted for hair fall. 
Hair fall is a common problem we see in our clinic, hair fall itself is not a disease but may be outcome of certain disease or nutritional deficiency .
Hair thinning and baldness cause psychological stress due to their effect on appearance.
Basically we can divide hair fall in two categories
MALE PATTERN BALDNESS– Where there is bitemporal recession of hair line and also loss of hair from vertex ( top of head). Hair from occiput ( back of head ) are mostly resistant of hair fall.
FEMALE PATTERN BALDNESS– Where there are thinning and falling of hair from middle of head or vertex.
CAUSE- Cause of hair fall can be single or multifactorial.
NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY– This can be due to poor intake or sometimes related to certain underlying disease such as malabsorption syndrome, Irritable bowl Syndrome, Chronic Gastritis etc. Deficiency of certain vitamins such as Vitamin D, and Vitamin C must be ruled out.
Protein deficiency and deficiency of certain micronutrients such as Zinc is also important factor for hair fall.
HORMONAL IMBALACE – Imbalance of Estrogen and testosterone hormone is one of leading cause of hair fall. Pregnancy and Contraceptive pills are sometimes cause of hair fall.
Certain hormonal disorder such as Polycystic ovarian syndrome may present with irregular pattern of growth of hair called as Hirsutism. Hypothyroidim is also one of leading cause of hair fall.
STRESS- be it physical or mental is also one of leading cause of hair fall, often ignored by clinicians.
WEIGH LOSS AND STRICT UNPLANNED DIET– some times rapid weight loss and unplanned diet leads to hair loss.
TIGHT HAIR KNOTS – Specially in females may be cause of hair fall.
CHEMICALS- Certain hair products including hair oils, shampoos and hair dye may be the cause of hair fall.

Many underlying medical disease of skin and scalp are cause of hair fall.

FOLLICULITIS DECALVANS- In his particular disease hair roots are inflammed and ultimately hair falls our leading to scarring alopecia.
PSORIASIS– Patches of psoriasis can cause hair fall.
RINGWORM- Tinea or ringworm infection of scalp called as Tinea Capitis is important cause of hair fall in children.
ALOPECIA AREATA- This is supposed to be of auto-immune origin and hairs falls out in patches , even hair from beard or moustache fall out.
SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS- This is also one of the important disease of skin and scalp where there are excess oil secretion from skin leading to deposition of crust or scabs over scalp leading to hair fall.
TRICHOTILLOMANIA- This is rare but peculiar disorder where person has an intense deire to pull his/her own hair. This can be treated well with Homeopathy.
GENETICS– If your family/siblings have a tendency for hair all you can suffer from this trouble.
AGING– Hair fall due to aging is common and quite natural.

A case must be evaluated for proper nutritional status , case history and underlying disease. In homeopathy we treat every patient according to their individual peculiar symptoms.
These 20 realtime cases are self evident about efficacy of homeopathy.
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