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A case   of duodenal   ulceration   cured by   Lycopodium


Mr  Ramesh  aged 18 years  male,  consulted me  on 25th August, 2004    for  ulcerative  pain in abdomen.   He had  taken allopathic treatment  for a  period of 2 years  and  used  all pain-killers  and  antacid. He got  palliation  all the  time  with  that  treatment  and  finally  was  suggested  surgery. I took his case and the  following symptoms were  recorded.

  • Gripping  severe pain in the pit of stomach
  • Nausea  and  vomiting  of food
  • Pain radiating  from  pit of stomach  to   back / spinal region
  • Restlessness  during pain
  • No time modality for pain
  • Tongue coated  white and  tasteless
  • Stomatitis
  • Anxious  and  restless .
  • Patient  pale, anaemic, lean and tall
  • Ozaena in  nose with pain
  • Fear of examination
  • Angry  on contradiction
  • Loss of memory
  • Revengeful  ( malicious )
  • Concentration  in studies  difficult
  • Desired cold  water to drink
  • Desire for open air
  • Pain amelioration by eating


  1. Barium x-ray – confirmed   duodenal  ulcer:  ?Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
  2. Blood Hg 9%   only. Other complete blood test: Within normal limit
  3. Stool ova, cysts  undigested particle  of food  were  found
  4. Urine “normal “, colour  yellowish

After evaluating the  symptoms   and   re- verification  with patient,  following symptoms  were considered:

  1. angry  on  contradiction
  2. revengeful (malicious)
  3. difficulty in concentration forget fullness
  4. desire for cold water to drink .
  5. desire for open air
  6. pain in stomach , ameliorated by eating .

After  repertarisation  with  KENT   and   studying Materia Medica  I selected   LYCOPODIUM .

  1. ON 26th August, 2004  gave  LYCOPODIUM  200  1 dose only   No amelioration. Pain continued.  Waited  for  48 hours.  on 29th August, 2004  gave  Lycopodium 1M  1 dose.  Pain  relieved the same day.  On 21st September, 2004  patient had improved. Appetite  improved. But   pain  relapsed but, with less  intensity.  I then increased the potency and gave  Lycopodium  10M one dose. No pain since then .  On  1st December, 2004 patient reported  improvement  and wait gain.  I then gave Lycopodium  CM  only one dose.  No aggravations.    Investigation were done.  Barium x-ray,  stool examination were within normal limits . Ulcer   totally  cured. The case was closed  successfully  without using  any  complementary drug.


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