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Ovarian cyst is any collection of fluid surrounded by a very thin wall with in an ovary. Any ovarian follicle that is larger than about 2cms is termed as ovarian cyst. Such cyst ranges in size from as smaller as pea to larger than an orange.
Ovarian cyst affects women of all ages especially child bearing age.
Ovarian cyst are classified according to whether they are a variant of a normal menstrual cycle called functional cyst or a non – functional cyst.
 Non – functional cyst may include:

  • Follicular cyst
  • Chocloate cyst
  • Corpus luteum cyst
  • hemorragic cyst
  • Thecal cyst
  • Dermoid cyst
  • Para ovarian cyst
  • Cystic adenofibroma

Hemorrhagic cyst:  It occurs when the small blood  vessels in the wall of an existing cyst rupture and fill the cyst with blood.
Signs & Symptoms

  • ABDOMEN – Dull aching pain with in the abdomen or pelvis
  • UTERINE bleeding –irregular periods. Pain during or shortly after beginning or end of menstrual periods.
  • Fullness heaviness bloating in abdomen.
  • Change in frequency or ease of urination.
  • Difficulty with bowel movements due to pressure on pelvic anatomy.

A  Patient name   Ms. Sarla aged  about 28   years came with reports  and presented with the following complaints
1 .Pain at Rt. Hypochondria region extending downward to groin and then to Rt limb   – 4 months
<periods, exertion, standing, morning

  • Rest , warm application massaging


  1. Feverish feeling nausea and burning during micturition.

Investigation report (20/11/12)
Hemorrhagic cyst in Rt. ovary…  Rt. ovary enlarged showing hypo echoic area of size 35 mm.

Time – occurs early in 20 days intervals.
Quantity – scanty
Duration – 2 days
Character of blood – Dark red bleeding with clots
Concomitant – Headche during menstruation & severe pain.
Appetite – decrease
Thirst – decrease
Bowel – hard stool twice/ day.
Bladder – Burning during micturition
Sleep – decrease
Craving – sweets
Thermal – hot patient
The patient is mild, gentle & more of shy type. She stays in joined family .she hails from lower middle class family.
Gets anger easily but remain unexpressive. Keeps anger within herself.
She doesn’t have healthy terms with her inlaws. She says they scold and blame for unnecessary things .They keep finding faults for her activities. {HER EYES WERE MOIST WHILE NARRATING THIS EVENT,}
She says her husband is very cooperative, takes care and consoles when she is sad.. she express her every emotions to her husband & she  feels better.
She is very sensitive to sudden noise or loud noise, it makes her apprehensive. She is fearful too.   She feels someone is behind & chasing her.
She is also fearful tobe alone & heights.
She was cooperative during case taking.

PHOS 16/9   , ARG NIT 16/9   LYCO 19/8    PULS 17/7
After repertorisation and On   referring to materia medica, It was found LYCOPODIUM   was  the similimum because it covers thermal state ,side affinity & state of grief .also.

  • Lycopodium 200 two pack weekly
  • Thalapsi Q was given for a 2 weeks .

14 DEC–    Complaints were same.   Only appetite and sleep has improved .weakness has increased.  –  LYCOPODIUM 200 & Thalapsi Q was given for two weeks.
1 JAN– Pain has reduced 25 %. Weakness & feverish feeling   better.
This time Sac lac  + Thalapsi Q   was given for a month.
5 FEB–   Pain reduced 75 % .menses appeared in time 26 th day. There were clots on 1 and 2 day. Headache& pain during menstruation was very less.  Generals better. Thalapsi  Q was stopped . Sac Lac was given for 1 month.
MARCH– Pain was very nominal. No clots .., she was appearing healthy. Weight is increased. Generals good. LYCOPODIUM 1M    was given   for a month.
10 APRIL – Menses appeared on 28 th   day .it was normal, menses lasts for 5 days .bleeding was bright red . no clots .
Sac lac was  prescribed.  Patient was advised for repeating ultrasonography when she visits next time.
6 MAY – USG dated on 5 May reveal normal ovaries and adnexa. Patient t was advised to stop treatment and report in case of any difficulty.


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