The science and art of homeopathy cultivates impact of cure only when the symptoms of a disease are clear. What to do when the symptoms are not clearly embarked? Even causation is unknown. One of the disease of movement-disorder or Parkinson Disease (PD) is one of the same kind. Let me give an example.
Dr. X, MBBS, MD was a reputed doctor living in my neighbourhood. He retired as a CMO from government hospital and took up a job in a private hospital as in-charge of a ward of his specialty. Well placed after retirement, he was happy.  His responsibilities were already over. His son and daughter were also doctors and married to doctors in U.K. They were working in UK. Both son and daughter were with their children in UK and returned to India after a year. All was fine in this happy family. Soon bad luck struck him. His wife got breast cancer and died within three months of treatment. He was utterly depressed. His age was now sixty five years. Grieved and sad, he had no desire to live. Soon he developed movement disorders. He felt difficulty to even pull out change from his pocket. Writing a prescription became difficult due to tremors. He was unable to button up his shirt. Taking a stroll out of his home was impossible. He was getting stuck up in movement for a short spell and with help of others, he was moving. He knew it was PD which is more in western races than Indians. He consulted the best doctor in his profession. The brain scans did not help detect PD. He underwent brain scans just to rule out other problems of the brains.
Drug levodopawas started. It gets converted to dopamine in the body. After few months, he had its side effects. Visual hallucinations, nightmares, dyskinesis (sudden involuntary movements) and rigidness of body captured him. The problem was in the cells in the midbrain’s substantia nigra region. It was slowly dying off. It was unable to produce dopamine that relays messages from brain to the muscles. The brain chemical ‘neuro-transmitters’work with dopamine.  It was on the decline. He did not know how all this happened so suddenly. Surely PD is ‘idiopathic’ disease. No one knows its causation.
After three years of treatment, he was fed up. His disease was increasing although he was taking regular medicines with physiotherapy. His relatives were taking good care of him and his children were also visiting him from time to time. A driver and two helpers were there to assist his daily needs. He thought of trying ‘Ayurveda’. A learned doctor started giving him medicines. He himself studied PD in Ayurveda on internet. PD is well known in Ayurveda as ‘Kamp-vat’(disease of tremors). It is mentioned in ‘Charak Samhita’. Herbs like valvet beans, and ‘mucuna pruriens’ produce the chemical dopamine in the body. X was happy and continued Ayurveda treatment for six months. He felt no difference. He went to a famous ‘Ashram’ of Haridwar where tens of Ayurveda doctors treat hundreds of patients daily. After a month’s treatment, there was no improvement. He was also taking his allopathic medicines with Ayurveda medicines as per advice.
Finding no improvement in his condition, he thought of consulting me. I knew about his PD as we were meeting almost daily in the street. He requested me to help. It is not wise to treat neighbours, relatives and friends for a doctor. I took him to a competent colleague. He wanted to interrogate his son, daughter or wife to probe his mind. None was available.  Dr. X was unable to say anything about his condition due to his stumbling speech with silent stuck-in for long. My friend expressed his unwillingness to treat him and told X to go to ‘Corporate’Homeopathic clinic in a luxurious Mall in the town.X requested me to accompany him. He was impressed with the Mall culture.  Now he was much sure that he would be cured by homeopathy. The doctor incharge at the clinic knew me but I had nothing to interfere or suggest.
X purchased annual contract with corporate clinic paying more than fifteen thousands and his treatment started. He was told to continue his intake of allopathic medicines with homeopathy. X was happy. Whenever he met me, he expressed his contentment with homeopathic medicines. He told his constipation and restlessness was much less. In all, his mind was peaceful. There was no improvement in his problems of movements. Homeopathic treatment continued for five months. One sad morning, he was found dead on the floor after falling from his cot during night. There was stream of blood on the floor. His post-mortem report said that he had fallen from cot at night injuring his head. It bled whole of the night. He could not get up or even call his attendant. His speech was probably stuck or no one heard it. His servant was sleeping on the second floor of his house.
Let us find out how homeopathy fails in PD.
Great Hahnemann says that sum of all symptoms of disease (totality) must be the sole indication and guide to direct us to select a remedy (Aphor.18- Organon). Kent says that it is not enough to consider the totality as a grand whole. Every symptom must be examined to see its relation with totality. Totality means that we have to consider the history of even a single symptom and this history consists of location, sensation, modality, aggravation, or amelioration. Stuart Close says that totality of symptoms means all the symptoms of the case which are capable of being locally combined into a harmonious and consistent whole, having form, coherency and individuality. Observing totality of symptoms is a complicated job, requiring wisdom and analytical comprehension. So this method is not for making an easy prescription.
Selection by name of disease: This method is not in accordance with the law of homeopathy although many homeopaths follow this in their practice and this is supposed to be an easy method. We should not have confrontation between method of symptoms and method of pathology(or name of disease). Just think of the pathology method. When the patient comes to us, what he tells first is the name of disease he suffers from. Say, it is cough. Initially, he does not tell us that the color of his phlegm is green or he has wheezing or throat pain. He tells he suffers from cough. Now it is up to us to dig into symptoms of cough or recall various remedies for cough. Knowing the pathology, we analyze its characteristics, locality, sensations, and modality by framing suitable simple questions. We fit the answers with the symptoms of medicine.
In the case of PD, we have following symptoms. PD has tell-tale symptoms.

  • Increasing tremors
  • Muscular stiffness
  • Loss of control of facial muscles- called Parkinson’s expression
  • Depression
  • Diminished sense of smell
  • Peculiar sleep behavior like hand movements during sleep or falling from bed
  • Unexplained dreams

When PD patient comes to homeopathy he is already on allopathic drugs. His ability to express in words is obstructed. His or her brain is too slow to reply any question.His/her relatives are unable to give exact mind- symptoms. They can tell the tale of physical symptoms.We do not have totality of symptoms due to inability to speak or express. These are tell-tale symptoms only.
This does not prevent us to take PD cases. But where is the success? During my forty years of experience, I have not seen a single patient with PD getting cured. In the very initial stage, when patient has slight tremors, is unable to button up shirt or gets stuck up, there is possibility of cure. It is here that patient can speak up his mind and tell all the symptoms as desired by a homeopath.
Chief of neurology at AIIMS, New Delhi, Dr. Madhuri Behari says, ‘PD does not affect the part of brain which controls voluntary movements, those we make after thought and planning. Making the movements more conscious tricks the brain’.
‘Mark Morris Dance group of New York’invented a dance to help the PD patients.  PD patients are made to explore movements and music in ways that help them coordinate their limbs better. This is called ‘Dance for DP’. Indian dance center for DP was started by Hrishikesh centre of Contemporary Dance, Pune. ‘PD tremors are more conspicuous when the body is at rest and dance is among the best ways to reduce the tremors’, says Mr. Hrishikesh Pawar of the Centre.
Would some noble homeopath explain the ‘successful cases’ of PD? It would be real service to the fraternity. Do write to this journal. All professors of homeopathic colleges and heads of schools of opinions should organize seminars or workshops on PD to establish supremacy of homeopathy on PD over other systems. This is possible.

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