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 A living body is organized by a system of force which is different for different bodies. For a normal healthy body, this automatic guiding force which can be defined as ‘vital force’, acts in such a manner that the system remains in a steady state. Now, if this state is disturbed by the dynamic influences of any noxious or morbific agent, the physiological changes that occur in the living body are modified and this is outwardly manifested as signs and symptoms through the material body. These physiological changes are deviated from the proper functioning of the body and deviates from the normal state and these are called the disease. Thus, disease is an effect caused by the derangement of the vital force in the living body. This total energy due to these forces is produced from the different types of biochemical reactions in the living body where intake of different types of food (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins etc) plays principle roles .The produced energy is the guiding factor which controls the functioning of a living body .This energy is dependent on the normal intake of the diet. If a person cannot take the required food, he may suffer from different diseases. Misbalance of total energy leads to dysfunctions of some organs and as a result, there occurs some pathological changes in different systems of the body.
When a homoeopathic medicine is administered to a patient to compensate the loss in energy (vital force) in the living body (i.e, to correct the deranged vital force), the already changed pathological conditions due to lack of vital force again gets modified. At first, the medicine changes the molecular degenerative structures, which are formed due to Pathological causes and slowly regenerations will occur by means of the process of repairing mechanism. But, we will have to know how a homoeopathic medicine acts in the living body.
lt is known to a practicing physician that the activity of a homoeopathic medicine increases with dilution. Molecules of drug do not exist at this dilution. Moreover, this principle is not at all consistent with the Law of Mass Action in chemistry which states that higher the concentration, higher is the activity. Thus, it is evident that action of a homoeopathic medicine cannot be explained in terms of molecular participation. Alternative explanation in terms of energy can be elucidated as follows.
At first, we will have to know how the energy is formed and the nature or form and distribution of the energy during drug dynamization. Now, we know that during drug dynamization there needs ten equal strokes. lf the number of strokes are increased excessively, the  energy will be very high which cannot be absorbed by ethyl alcohol in its molecular bond and H-bonded net-work structure. i.e, the stability of C2H5OH may be lost. So, in order to prepare a fixed potency, fixed number of strokes will have to be performed. Now, from the statistical point of views, we can consider that there are five probabilities of collisions among the molecules in the container:
i)             Drug vs drug molecules.
ii)            Drug vs vehicle molecules.
iii)           Vehicle vs vehicle molecules.
iv)           Drug vs wall of the container.
v)            Vehicle vs wall of the container.
Since, ten equal strokes are performed to increase a potency during drug dynamization, so a minute amount of energy will be formed due to collisions. So, the probability of forming electronic energy is Zero. Sometimes, Vibrational energy & rotational energy may be formed. But the probability of forming translational energy is very high which is minute is nature. The translational energy is so minute in nature which cannot be measured experimentally by means of spectroscope. We know from the wave equation:
Etrans = h2/m. 1/8L2. (n2x +n2y +n2z)
nx, ny, nz are the quantum numbers associated with the momentum of the particles along the three axis,
h = plunk’s constant
m = mass of the molecules
L   = side of the cube
Since, h2/ m are the order of 10-30, the separation of translational levels is too small, the process is regarded as continuous. No separate lines can be found in practice. i.e the quantitative measurement of the translational energy is not possible in practice.
From the Statistical Mechanics, we can consider that during drug dynamization, the dynamic energy of each molecule are increased and thereby attain high kinetic energy. Now, from the Boltzmann Distribution Law, We can assume that every molecule is not in same energy levels. The molecules which are in the higher energy levels while collide the other molecules losses its energy and hands over this energy to the other molecules. Now, on absorption this energy the collided molecule goes to the excited states and thereby vibrational energy changes may be occurred. lf the energy absorption becomes less, then only rotational changes may be occurred. lf the energy absorption becomes minute, then only translational changes can be occurred. Since, the energy order in the case of vibrational changes of the molecules is greater than that of rotational changes, so rotational changes must occur with vibrational changes. So, we can say that every collision among the drug and vehicle molecules is not effective in vibrational and rotational changes. Now, from Maxwell’s Velocity Distribution Law, we have,

This states that during drug dynamization the molecules of the drug and vehicle which collide the other molecules with high velocities help for the vibrational and rotational changes. lt also helps to find out the probability of rotational, vibrational and translational changes of the drug and vehicle molecules. Now, vibrational energy change can be expressed as follows:
Vibrational energy can be established by means of Schrödinger’s wave equation

We can also establish the expression of the rotational energy.

Energy of Resonance: During preparation of some medicines some drugs are used that possess different resonating structures. e.g., Salicylic acid etc. During dynamization of the drug some energy will be required for the resonating change of the structure and in order to acquire the stability, some energy will be emitted in the solution of the vehicle molecules. And, this energy is called the Resonance Energy; and this energy will be collected by the vehicle molecules and stored as Internal energy of the medicinal solution.

Higher the number of resonating structures, higher will be the resonating energy and the higher will be stability and the released energy will be high which helps to grow up the Internal energy of the medicinal solution.
Calculation of the Resonance Energy:   The dependence of the energy of resonance between two structures on the difference in the energy of the structures is discussed below:-

And in this way, different types of energy are produced during drug dynamaization;
i.            Vibrational energy.
ii.            Rotational energy.
iii.            Transnational energy
iv.            Electromagnetic energy.
v.            Resonance energy   etc.
These energies are absorbed in alcohol and lactose sugar as internal energy in the molecular bond and also H-bonding network structure of ethyl alcohol and lactose sugar via solvent molecules interactions. Since the amount of total energy produced by drug dynamization is minute in nature, so it cannot measured experimentally and the energy will be qualitative in nature. Calculation of energy absorbed in the medicinal vehicle:
The energy of the medicine will be calculated by the bond energy difference between the medicinal alcohol and pure alcohol in standard condition.
Now, during drug dynamisation   a minute amount of energy is produced that will be stored in the vehicle molecules. Now, how can be stored this energy in the Ethyl alcohol molecules? This energy will be stored in the medicine as Internal Energy in the molecular bond of the vehicle molecules. Since, the amount of energy is very minute in nature, so the molecular bond of the alcohol will not be dissociated i.e. the stability of alcohol will not be lost. The H-bonding network of ethyl alcohol plays important roles to absorb this energy as H-bond energy C2H5OH is approx. 6kcal/mol. So, the stability of the C2H5OH cannot be lost to absorb the minute amount of energy produced from the drug dynamization.
Now, we will have to know how this minute amount of energy is absorbed. lt is known that there exists hydrogen – bonded network in liquid ethyl alcohol or in solid lactose.
How energy is stored in the vehicle molecule?
                       Or energy absorbing power of ethyl alcohol and solid lactose sugar ?
From the structural point of view, it is clear that ethyl alcohol forms tetrahedral structure where 2 electrons of 2P orbital take part in forming Co-valiant bond with H-atom and Carbon atom of ethyl Group. So  two electrons (lone pair) exist in the 2S orbital and   sub level. Therefore, it forms  hybridization. The structure is as follows:

high and acts as a good  solvent .Now, due to drug –dynamization (succussion with ten equal strokes) a minute amount of energy is emitted by the drug and vehicle substances which can be easily taken up by ethyl alcohol molecule.

Now, electrons of –O-H bond shift towards the O-atom due to higher electro-negativity of oxygen atom than that of H-atom and thereby H-atom becomes deficient in electron and it attracts the –ve end of another O-atom of other   molecule and so there exists a great probability of electron to shift the lone pair of electron from one molecule toward the other due to electrostatic force of attraction. Now, the emitted energy by drug-dynamization is absorbed by ethyl alcohol and lone pair of electron shift towards the H-atom to form a stable structure of . Since, the amount of emitted energy is minute in nature, So, this energy is easily absorbed by  molecule and it cannot affect on the stability of the alcohol. This energy is stored as bond energy of the molecular bond of  molecule. This energy may be calculated by measurement of bond energy of medicinal alcohol and bond energy of the pure   . From the differentiation, we can evaluate the amount of the emitted energy.
Role of milk sugar for the preparation of medicines:-
But, in the case of preparations of some modern medicines, 1st product (mother) is produced by the absorption of radiation by milk sugar (lactose) in saturated condition (e.g., X-ray, Electricity, Elactrictus, Magnetic Pole Ambo etc).These radiations are of higher frequencies. So, the molecular bond of  can be dissociated by absorption of such radiations. So, these will be absorbed in milk sugar (lactose) as it has more stability than that of .The structure of milk suger is as follows:

The causation the higher stability of lactose sugar:-
Due to inter and intra-molecular H-bonding in lactose sugar, it attains higher stability .It contains a large no of –OH groups .So, there is a great scope to form the inter and intra H-bonding in lactose sugar. So, the stability becomes higher than that of ethyl alcohol.
Now, from the Thermo dynamical concept we can measure qualitatively the amount of Internal energy.
We know that during drug dynamization, there occurs a definite number of successive strokes (ten number of equal strokes) and thereby a definite amount of mechanical energy is required and some frictional forces are produced due to molecular frictions  among the drug  vs  drug molecules , drug  vs vehicle molecules , vehicles  vs  vehicles molecules , vehicle  vs wall of the Container , drug  vs wall of the Container. Now, according to the law of conservation of energy, this frictional energy will be converted into internal energy which will be absorbed in the alcohol molecules (i.e. Medicinal molecules).
We can assume that this energy is almost adiabatic in nature as the operation is occurred in normal temperature, pressure and volume. So, the parameters mentioned remain constant and the Container is made of Glass which is almost bad conductor of lower amount of energy (may be Heat) and the operation is done in the closed system. Minute amount of energy may be lost in isothermal process in the form of heat.

So, due to successive strokes the mechanical energy will be stored in medicinal solution in the form of Internal energy in the molecular bond of the Ethyl alcohol.

Now, according to the Principles of Dilute solution, we know that addition of the solute substance to a pure solvent lowers the free Energy of the solution.
i.e. In the case of the preparation of Homoeopathic medicine more and more dilution or infinite dilution occurs; so, free energy of the medicine increases with the increment of the dilution.
i.e. higher dilution  with succussion, free energy of the medicine as well as medicinal potency will be high.
Since, in the case of lower potency or very lower dilution, say mother tincture, solute particles or drug substances are enriched. So, free energy of the mother tincture solution should be decreased, i.e. free energy should become high according to the number of dilution with succussion.
Now,from the equation no. (5), we can say increment of the free energy of the solution means the increment of the Internal energy of the medicine.
Again, this growth of Internal energy helps to increase the potency or power of the medicine.
i.e. Higher the dilution with succussion , higher will be the potency or higher will be internal energy of the medicine or dynamic power of the medicine will be increased due to higher dilution with successive strokes.
So, in the case of higher potency solvent molecules (alcohol) becomes enriched and the amount of solute particles or drug substances tends to zero. But the medicinal activity of the higher potency becomes high. The causation is that due to innumerable no. of dilution with dynamization, the produced energy begins to grow up which will be stored in the alcohol molecules in the form of internal energy and thereby  the dynamic power of the medicine will be higher with the increment of the  potency and medicinal activity will be higher.
We know that during drug dynamization the molecules of the drug and the vehicles are in haphazard motions. Some molecules losses energy and some gains the energy. Let us consider the total number of molecules are N, Volume of the container is V. It is fact that most often the molecules are associated with energy of different types. In expressing the partition function, all the types of energy have to be considered. Different types of energy changes are occurred in this system as different molecules possess different energy levels. Vibrational, Rotational, Translational, Electromagnetic, Resonating etc energy changes are occurred.
Let the different types of energy be labeled as,

Again, the amount of energy increases with amount of dynamization. So, the potency of the medicine will also be increased.
In the case of lower potency, there exists the drug molecules, so, the energy concentration of the drug molecules becomes high, but the alcoholic energy becomes less. So, the total energy will be less. But, in the case of the medicine of the higher potency, due to lack of drug molecules, energy concentration of the drug becomes minute; but since the amount of dynamization beings to increase, so alcoholic energy concentration beings to increase. So, total energy becomes high. So, the medicine of lower potency acts in the living body through small time but medicine of higher potency acts with prolonged time.
Now, in the case of modern medicines (Electricity, X-ray, Elactrictus, Magnetic pole ambo etc.) the energy is absorbed by milk sugar (lactose) to prepare the mother product. Here, there exists no drug molecule from the very beginning of the dilution. Here, the dynamization is occurred by tituration process.
The potencies are formed IX, 2X, 3X etc. successively. Higher potency is prepared by alcoholic dilution where the energy concentration of the passing energy becomes dilute. But the energy of the vehicle molecules becomes high with increasing the potency. So, the total energy will be high with increasing of the potency.
Now, we will have to express how energy is distributed among the vehicle molecules in the system. During drug dynamization, the molecules of the drug and vehicle substances move here and there. So, all the molecules do not posses same energies .They possess different types of kinetic energies. i.e, their energy levels are of slightly different; the total energy will be calculated by the Law ‘Boltzmann Distribution Law’.
Consider the system where the drug dynamization occurs containing n number of molecules (Drug + vehicle molecules) having total energy E ; n of course is very large. Here the particles are not in the same energy levels.
The distribution will be

This is Boltzmann Distribution Law.

But, here the question of specificity of a drug comes.
We know that different drugs possess different atomic or molecular structures. So, released energy during drug dynamization will also be different. So, frequency and wave length of the released energy will also be different for different drugs. This individual frequency of the produced energy of the different drugs at the very beginning of the drug dynamization exists constant from beginning to end of the dilution in the alcohol/ lactose matrix. This leads to the specificity of a drug.
From the preparations of some modern drugs and from the specificities of those drugs, it is clear that a homoeo medicine satisfies the energy phenomena. eg, Electricity, Electrictus, Magnetic pole Ambo, X-ray etc.
Electrictus is prepared by absorption of static and atmospheric electricity into the lactose in saturated condition. ln this process the mother drug lX potency is prepared. Then, on further dilution with dynamazition 2X, 3X etc. are produced by tituration process. (Ref. Allen’s Keynotes) All the modern drugs are primarily prepared by absorption in lactose due to higher stability of lactose, since the modern medicines are produced from the energy of higher frequency. lf these energies are passed through the ethyl alcohol, the bond of the ethyl alcohol will be dissociated and thereby preparation of those medicines will be impossible. So, these are produced in lactose.
Now, we will have to express how this energitised medicine acts in the living organism to cure the patient. Now, energitised medicine of the same frequency as that has already been lost from the living body is to be administered to make up the total energy (vital force). The energy stored in alcohol or lactose is absorbed by the body system as the living body becomes energy seeking to loss the energy. The energy is absorbed via nervous system to produce an electrical response in nerves. ln a word, the absorption of medicine in the living body maintains the electrical phenomena as all the physiological works of the living body are governed by the electro physiological phenomena.
Suppose that a patient of hyperacidity is prolonged treated by allopathic drug (antacid i.e. alkali) but he cannot be cured. Because it cannot annihilate the cause of the hyperacidity. Because, Oxyntic cell in the stomach liberates hydrochloric acid drop-wise that helps for primary digestion. After primary digestion a small amount of HCl exhibits as residual part which can be neutralized by alkali (bile present in Gall-bladder). This alkali contains pyridine and pyrimidine base. This is liberated from Gall-bladder and falls drop wise through pancreatic duct to duodenal part of the stomach and neutralize the acid. In this way, hyperacidity is controlled. Now, if in any case, the secretion of bile is stropped from the Gall-bladder, then neutralization reaction will not be permitted and thereby hyperacidity will be produced. i.e. when vital force is sunk down, then neurological control over the Gall-bladder is arrested and thereby secretion of bile will also be stopped. Now, if a drop of medicine is administered to the patient, the medicinal energy of the same frequency that has lost from the bodily system is absorbed by the tongue where the nerve fibers take part to absorb the energy. The nerves contains the neuro-chemicals eg, Na+,Cl,K+,Ca+2 etc. These ions absorb the medicinal energy and transmits the energy via ionic conduction to the central nervous system and activate the nerve begins to work to fall bile drop-wise to drive out the cause of the hyperacidity.
The Electro-physiological phenomena can be expressed in brief as follows:
We can say that a minute amount of energy absorbed in the medicinal alcohol acts as stimuli. When this medicine touches the nerves, then the receptors collects the medicinal energy (physical energy) and this energy will be transmitted via ionic conduction (Na+, K+) through the nerve fibers. Thus, the receptors behave as a biological transducer. Because, the receptors take up the physical energy and transform this energy into the electrical energy. Thus, electrical energy (electromotive force) is produced due to absorption of the medicinal energy. This energy helps to turn back the diminished total energy (Life guiding energy) to the original state (normal energy condition) and start the original bio-chemical reactions in the living body. ln a word, the medicine maintains the electro – physiological phenomena in the living organism.

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