It is usual to read case histories in the magazine, but they don’t tell you the difficulties and troubles one has been through before going to the Homoeopath.
My son, an intelligent child, had always been difficult, awkward, obstinate and self- willed, but as far as all the doctors could see he was very healthy and certainly had no illnesses except for the odd day of sickness. There was difficulty from babyhood in getting him to eat, though he would always drink milk. He would never walk anywhere and dragged behind after even a few yards saying his legs were “crumbling.” He was impatient and easily angered and flung himself on the floor and cried a lot. As a baby he had two or three minute patches of dry rough skin on his arms, for which cortizone ointment was prescribed. I know it was eczema. On his face were patches of “bleached” areas which I’ve noticed on many other children.
None of these things in themselves seemed to call for any medical attention and we presumed we just had a difficult child, as indeed have many other parents, and would have to treat it as best we could. In many respects we “played it by ear,” but certainly we tried different ways of treating him in the hope of getting the best out of him.
However, we moved to another town, and away from an old couple next door whom he loved, and he started to wake up from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. every morning and woke us up during this time with animated conversations with “his children.” As far as we could gather, these were children who lived in the sky and he got carried away talking and laughing with them and his voice got louder and louder. We lost at least two hours sleep every night and often by the time he eventually fell asleep we were too wide awake for sleep that night. This lasted four months.
During this time he had been under the doctor’s care. She had prescribed phenobarbitone 1/4 grain to begin with, and eventually under her instructions the dose was increased to 3/4 grain, sometimes twice in a night, but this still had no effect whatsoever. Then she prescribed two different types of syrup, one of which was reinforced with phenobarbitone, but the child was as wide awake from 2 a.m. as ever. We felt we were doomed to be kept awake from 2 a.m. onwards for years.
As he was due to start school in a year’s time we felt it was time to try Homoeopathy, having heard of it through a relative, because this loss of sleep was exhausting all of us.
We took him to the Homoeopath in April 1962. I am writing this in November 1963 and he is a different child now and nearly finished his treatment. We are absolutely delighted with him. The Homoeopath told us in the beginning that the treatment might take some time and we were prepared for treatment to last plus or minus two years.
The treatment has not been without its worries: He has had what seems to us to be a lot of discharges, eliminations and aggravations, but throughout there has been steady improvement in the child’s nature itself. At no time was he ill with eliminations, etc., except to have a certain amount of concern as to what was happening. You will, I am sure, understand that his body must have been in quite a state to be able to throw out so much on to the skin.
He had three vaccinations; two as a baby of seven weeks approximately given by the clinic doctor which didn’t take, and one by my own doctor when he was three years old. My own doctor told me that there was no reason why it shouldn’t take and he would go on vaccinating until it did. Fortunately it took on this doctor’s first try. I know now that vaccinations which don’t take can be even worse for the economy than those which do.
The first remedies were to clear out any poisons left from his various inoculations. This took the form, in my son’s case, of a discharge of thick pus from each, eye which lasted about two weeks. It was as if a small boil was discharging constantly and it stuck up his eyes completely at night. About two months later, when I presume he had another dose of the previous remedy, he got another bout of a similar discharge which lasted only a short time.
A month later he started urinating frequently. I had to put him in turkish towelling pants and he was distressed until I assured him it didn’t matter if he wet himself and I would change him immediately. He then took it in his stride though sometimes he would be going every ten or twenty minutes when it was at its worst. The Homoeopath assured me he was having an elimination from his present remedy and that it would eventually wear off. By the end of three weeks it had tapered off to normal.
About this time I said I hadn’t heard him talking to his children and he said he’d stopped talking to them as they weren’t nice anymore and they fought. In behaviour there was great improvement. He was amenable, slept well, ate well and was happy in himself. It was proving well worth it if this was going to be the result. However, there was still more improvement to be made and more elimination to go through.
He next got a dry eczema quite badly on his arms, one on his thigh and some on his face. The white “bleached” patches on his face were also marked. In another month or so he got scurf on his eyebrows and tops of ears which soon went, and then later he developed another bout of eczema, and a rash appeared over most of his body with some swelling on his face, which disappeared in three or four days. The Homoeopath was pleased to hear of this last rash and eczema and said it would do him a lot of good in the end, because this was an excellent reaction as the skin was such a good eliminator, and not to worry as it would clear tip, as indeed it did.
In the course of another month he had an emotional upset and reverted for a day or two to his former self. This came on at intervals during the whole treatment, but there was throughout a general improvement. With this upset there came eczema, worse than before, which covered his arms in inch-wide circles gradually joining up. His scalp, face and back had scurf and a pink raised goose pimple rash covered his body. His fingers and hands started shedding the top layer of skin. His eyes started discharging pus for several days, but not a steady stream as at the beginning of his treatment. Gradually the various eruptions went and for the first time and ever since there is no sign of bleach marks or eczema on his skin.
Two months ago he came out in seven circular sores, about 1/4 -inch across, on the crown of his head, and in the same small area there came thick scaly scurf. I did nothing with these and just last week the last scab healed and stubble of hair can be felt. The scurf has nearly disappeared and he allows me to wash his hair without any fuss, as previously this was impossible because he said his head “itched.”
I read some literature on Homoeopathy recently in which it pointed out that very often the last thing would clear up first, and as the eczema was on his arms when he was three months and under (when he also had scurf on his head badly, as lots of babies do), I think he is near the end of treatment. It has been a long time, but the difference in him is astonishing, and I am certain that due to Homoeopathy he will have a healthier life, and a good foundation upon which to grow.
Source: The Layman Speaks

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