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Weight loss and crisis – Dhara Mewada

Weight loss and crisis

In today’s time, you visit a doctor for some crisis and the doctor advices you to reduce weight. Very often right!
Now, body weight is a broad spectrum that covers not only health but also social norms. Some reduce weight for their health, to prevent some disease while most of us reduce just to fit in those old clothes.
Obesity is the most common issue. Obesity is regarded as the storehouse of disease.
But these sentences are quite generalized. On individual level, a person born thick will never be so thin. This also applies for someone born thin
So on what basis should one judge that he/she/others is obese? The standard way is to check BMI ratio, but BMI is dependent on body weight or mass and height. Body weight does not only comprises of fat but also your muscle, organs and bones.
So as a student of medical field I will suggest all readers to focus not on weight reduction but a good health. It is the right time to follow all 6 norms of life that we learned in schools:
1. Eat a balanced diet.
2. Exercise regularly.
3. Drink water frequently.
4. Get enough sunlight regularly.
5. Get enough sleep.
6. Try to avoid stress.
Following all these with a check on your total energy input and output will aid you in a healthy life. I am not forcing anybody to focus on those numbers behind every packets, that is a subjective topic. Look what is your job demand. If you have more of a physical demand than your diet should be more of carbohydrates. But if you are like me , flash the sloth of zootopia movie than our carbs intake should be less in comparison to others. Nothing should be ever reduced to zero. Your body needs everything, yes even those carbs sugar.
If you are someone suffering from disease than contracting your doctor or talking to your nutritionist will help you get specific “me” habit and lifestyle approaches to follow.
Obesity is very common but can be tackled easily.

Dhara Mewada.
Guided by,
Dr. Ratna Bhatt.
Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College

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