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Stalwarts’ Segment: Dr. Karl Gottlab Franz

Dr. Karl Gottlab Franz

Stalwarts’ Segment: Dr. Karl Gottlab Franz

Born: 08-05-1795

Died: 08-11-1835

Karl Gottlab Franz was one of the most earnest and ardent followers of Hahnemann. He converted from allopathic school to homoeopathy after cure of his serious ailments.  He worked for and with Hahnemann and became his right-hand man. In experiments with drugs and drug-proving, he did the most laborious job of arranging the symptoms of the drugs in accordance with Hahnemann’s previously directed schema. As Franz had a very sound knowledge of Botany we owe much to him for it was he who gathered most of the plants from which tinctures were prepared and drug-proving was done. His contributions can be seen in the pages of Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura and the homoeopathic journal “Archiv Für Die Homoeopathische Helkust.”

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