Stalwarts' Segment: Calvin B. Knerr

Stalwarts’ Segment: Calvin B. Knerr


Stalwarts’ Segment: Calvin B. Knerr

Born: 1847

Died: 1940

Knerr grew up with a father who was a lay homeopath and an uncle who knew Hering at the Allentown Academy. He was an assistant to Dr. Hering at his office. The diary he kept while living in Hering’s house became The Life of Hering, published in 1940. He married hering;s daughter Melitta & published 2 editions of his book, Sunstroke and Its  Homeopathic Treatment. Originally working with Dr. Charles Mohr and Dr. Charles Raue, Knerr completed Hering’s Guiding symptoms in 1895 after his demise.His was a life of unceasing work, and even when confined to bed he actually prescribed for his patients. He died on September 30, 1940.

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