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Stalwarts’ Segment: Adolph Lippe

Stalwarts’ Segment: Adolph Lippe

Born: 1812

Died: 1888

Dr. Lippe made a name for himself with his treatment of various epidemics in Pennsylvania. He helped launch several of the best homeopathic journals ever to be published, including the Organon, the Hahnemannian Monthly, and the Homeopathic Physician.  Dr. Lippe’s multitudinous publications provide a blueprint for homeopathic practice. From his suggestions on how to study Materia Medica to his exposition of Hahnemannian homeopathy, Dr. Lippe gives us incontrovertible evidence of a highly successful homeopathic method. His unswerving commitment to pure homeopathy was unparalleled, even in his day!

Books by Adolph Lippe:

– Keynotes and Redline Symptoms

– Textbook of Materia Medica

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