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Science and Principles of homoeopathy

Principles of homoeopathy

[Abstract: This article deals about the Science of Homoeopathy, on the light of the teaching of Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy that, the Nature’s Law of Cure and how Homoeopathic Cure takes place are also expressed in this article.]

Keywords: Science-principles of homoeopathy- nature’s law of cure-law of similia-accidental cure by nature-can’t depend on nature for cure-medicine is stronger than natural disease-what happen when two dissimilar diseases meet together in living organism-action of medicine-primary-secondary-counter-curative-modus operandi of cure.

Abbreviation: i.e. = that is.


Homoeopathy is not only a career rather than it is ‘The Mission’… the ‘Commitment of Life’; not to achievement of a job for earning or for only bread & butter; but is a lifelong practice for learning & verifying the truth, that’s the Eternal Truth, the “Laws & Principles of Homoeopathy”, to become qualify for the most sacred of all human occupations, the practice of the true system of medicine, the Homoeopathy.

Now, questions are arising how can we achieve our Homoeopathic mission? Firstly needs clear perception of the science of homoeopathy, the theoretical part of Organon of Medicine, aphorisms 01 to 70; than the art of homoeopathy, the practical part of our Organon of Medicine, aphorisms 71 to 291/294, that’s the application of the science in therapeutic purpose, which we may call applied homoeopathy.

Today we would like to discuss on the science of homoeopathy and its various contests with the Law of Similia; that the Eternal truth are the seven, “Cardinal or Fundamental Laws & Principles of Homoeopathy”:

  1. The Law of Similia.
  2. The Law of Simplex.
  3. The Law of Minimum.
  4. The Theory of Vital Force.
  5. The Theory of Chronic Disease.
  6. The Doctrine of Drug Dynamisation.
  7. The Doctrine of Drug Proving.

Along with we must clear our concept about the Fixed Principle of the Universe, Hering’s Laws of Cure, the concept of Individualisation and the Holistic concept, Law of Suppression, Law of Palliation; concept of Life, Health, Disease, and Cure etc.


The Law of Similia:

The Nature’s Law of Cure is, ‘Similia Similibus Curantur’, means, ‘like cure like’. Dr. Hahnemann came to know from the record of the ancient Hindu manuscripts, and from Aristotle, Hippocrates etc. about this Nature’s Law of Cure, and the father of modern medicine Hippocrates clearly declared the Law of Similia is the only curative Law in the Universe. Sir Hahnemann demonstrates many examples about Nature’s Law of Cure in physical, moral and disease elements in his Organon of Medicine as an accidental cure by the Nature which are as follows:

Sun light: Vanishes Star Jupiter
Snuff smell: Subside Offensive smell
Noisy drum, in battle field: Subside cries of wounded soldier
Sorrow of the death of a neighbour: Removed Death of more close relatives like father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter etc.
Drinking coffee: Removed Too great joy
SMALLPOX: Produces &  so Cured OpthalmiaBlindnessDeafness & DyspnoeaSwelling of the testiclesDysenteryRemoved Cowpox
COWPOX: Cured Half paralysed armIntermittent fever
MEASLES: Cured Whooping coughChronic herpetic eruptionMillry rash

From our above discussion it’s clear that Nature’s have the power to cure Natural disease naturally as Aristotle (360 B.C.) mention, ‘… if the similia of the remedy acts upon the similia of the disease, the results of this natural action is neutralization’.

The beauty of Master Hahnemann is that all the ancients’ stalwarts in-spite to knowing the facts, not employ the Law of similia universally due to its limitations but Sir Hahnemann successfully arrange and re-arrange it with related laws & Principles and make it applied Nature’s Law for curing the diseases by changing the raw or crud Nature’s Law, “Similia Similibus Curantur”, ‘like cure like’ to “Similia Similibus Curentur”, convert the meaning as, ‘let like be cured by like’, and formulate the Homoeopathic Therapeutic Law of cure which he mention in Aphorism 26, of our Organon of Medicine as; “A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the latter (while differing in kind) is very similar to the former in its manifestations”. 

Now, there three questions are arising, ‘Why will we not depending upon Nature for Natural cure?’ It’s not as scientific to depending upon Nature for Natural cure. ‘Why we are depending upon Medicine for cure the natural disease?’ So, to claim our-self as scientific, we are depending upon Medicine for cure the natural disease.  Again the questions will arise, ‘Is medicines are stronger than Natural diseases?’ Yes, medicines are stronger than Natural diseases for cure. These three questions are discussed under following table:

Why will we not depending upon Nature for Natural cure? Because: Why we are depending upon Medicine for cure the natural disease due to following reasons:   Medicines are stronger than Natural diseases for cure, because:  
1) The uncertainty of the Natural disease, means, ‘Happy go lucky operations’, may come or may not be come during the life-time of the patient. 2) Deficiency of similar diseases in Nature. 3) The Natural disease may be more dangerous than the disease to be cure; may destroy life, suffering may be more than the disease to be cured, may causes permanent damage in our body or mind. 4) The Natural disease requires their independent treatment for cure. 5) We cannot control the Natural disease by dose, potency or repetition. 1) There are several similar medicines in our hand, for producing artificial stronger disease. 2) Artificial remedial disease can be control by dose, potency & its repetition which are in our hand. 3) Artificial remedial disease can be disappears spontaneously, by withdraw its repetition. 4) As the action of the medicine are well known, so there are no chances of danger of life of the patient. 5) There are no uncertainties with the occurrences of similar stronger disease. 6) The medicine can cure gently, rapidly, permanently and establish health. 1) Medicines can acts unconditionally; at all time, in all circumstances, on every living individual. 2) Regulations of dose, potency, repetition of the medicines are in our hand. 3) Medicines can cure, palliate and suppress the Natural diseases.  

Again the question will arises, ‘What happen when two dissimilar diseases meet together in a living organism?’ There are three probabilities as Sir Hahnemann mentions in his Organon of Medicine and others’ stalwarts also mention too:

CONDITION: If equal strength or older is strong.
HAPPEN: New disease will be ‘Repelled’ by the older and not allowed to affect it.
Chronic disease suffering. Prevent Simple Autumnal Dysentry, Mild Epidemic.
Scurvy Prevent Plague
Eczema Prevent Plague
Rachitis Prevent Vaccination from taking effect.
Pulmonary T.B. Prevent Epidemic fever mild types.
Marasmus Prevent Smallpox vaccination from taking effect.
AIDS Prevent Malaria
Deep Psora Prevent Psoric Miasm
Deep Syphilis Prevent Syphilitic Miasm
Deep Sycosis Prevent Sycotic Miasm
Deep Sycosis Prevent Smallpox vaccination from taking effect.
Deep Tubercular Diathesis Prevent BCG vaccination from taking effect.
CONDITION: If original disease is weaker.
HAPPEN: New stronger one will ‘Suspend’ the older. Weaker disease reappears when the new disease runs its course.
Epilepsy Suspend & Reappear by Ring worm
Itch Suspend & Reappear by Scurvy
Pulmonary T.B. Suspend & Reappear by Violent Typhoid
Mania Suspend & Reappear by Phthisis (T.B.)
Measles Suspend & Reappear by Smallpox
Scarlatina Suspend & Reappear by Cowpox
Cowpox inoculation Suspend & Reappear by Measles
Cowpox inoculation Suspend & Reappear by Mumps
CONDITION: Both are of Chronic & equal strength or have acted for a considerable period.
HAPPEN: Each of them occupies the part of the body which is more suitable to it. Leaving the rest to the other disease dissimilar to it and forms ‘Complex disease’.
Psoric eruption Plus & Complex with Venereal Syphilis
Smallpox Plus  & Complex with Measles
Long continued Allopathic treatment Plus  & Complex with Miasmatic disease
Syphilis Plus  & Complex with Large doses of Mercury
Cowpox Plus  & Complex with Measles & Purpura
Syphilis Plus  & Complex with Mercurial treatment & Cowpox

Now, another question to be clear with the contest of the science of homoeopathy that, ‘What do we means about the action of the medicine?’  We all know the Fundamental Law of the Nature is every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Medicine acts upon a living organism having also Primary action i.e. the action of the medicine on the life force both shorter or longer period and the Vital Force passively receive it and allow the medicine to acts upon. So, Primary Action of the medicine is the conjoint action of both medicine and the Life Force, producing disharmony as abnormal sensations & abnormal functions of the organism, (Where as the Medicine cannot acts upon the dead body).

After that against the primary action of the medicine the Life Force (Vital Force) show an equal and opposite, defensive and active reaction which we call Secondary Action of the Medicine, that are two types, in the case of Dissimila relationship between the Disease symptoms & the Medicinal action we see Secondary Counter Action and in case of Similia we see Secondary Curative Action, which are discuss as following table:

A hand bathed in hot water is at first become much warm than the other hand. When it is withdrawn from the hot water and dried becomes cold within a short time and much colder than other hand.
A person heated by violent exercise. Afterwards affected with chilliness and shivering.
A person was heated by drinking wine. Next day he feels too cold.
One arm is placed in very cold water, it become pale and cold. When remove from cold water and dried becomes not only warmed than the other arm but also become ever hot, red and inflamed.
A man takes strong coffee and feels very lively. Afterwards he feels sluggish and drowsy for a long time.
Opium causes deep sleep first night. Following night will be more sleepless.
After the constipation by opium. Diarrhoea ensues.
Purgatives irritate the bowels and cause stool. Afterwards constipation for several days.
Primary Action: Secondary Counter Action: Secondary Curative Action:
Digitalis decreases pulse rate in tachycardia. Pulse becomes more rapid.
Diarrhoea producing medicine in diarrhoea person. Cure the diarrhoea.
Constipation producing medicine in constipated. Cure the constipation.

Finally we came to the end the answer of our all questions the Modus Operandi of Cure i.e. how homoeopathic cure take place.


From our above discussion, we can conclude that the Eternal Nature’s Law of Cure became applied as the Homoeopathic Therapeutic Law of Cure for the benefit of the Human being to protect the suffering sick humanity from our sickness judiciously, rationally and scientifically.


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