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Krupa Patel, From, Parul institute of homoeopathy and research


Delirious Medicines Of Homoeopathy

Delirious Medicines Of Homoeopathy • Delirium is a state of mental confusion which develops quickly and usually fluctuates in intensity. A state in which the...

Talkative Tongue Of Homoeopathy

TALKATIVE TONGUE OF HOMOEOPATHY • Yes we all talk with our tongue and today I want to introduce that what our tongue tells us. Tongue...

Susceptibility And Homoeopathy

ORGANON OF MEDICINE SUSCEPTIBILITY AND HOMOEOPATHY Abstract: This article deals with the concept of susceptibility , its usage in homoeopathy and its effects in living...

Homoeopathic Medicine As Immune Booster In Pandemic Disease

Homoeopathic / Homoeopathy Medicine Homoeopathic medicine as immune booster in pandemic disease. Introduction : Pandemic Disease : Disease that affect a whole country or the...