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Insect Bites, Stings and Its Treatment In Homoeopathy

Insect bites,Stings and its treatment in Homoeopathy-Case Report
Abstract- Insect bite and stings is one of the most common and Painful condition seen. The common symptoms include swelling, redness, Pain and Ulceration. Medications to treat Insect bite and Stings are available, but Homoeopathy has been very successful in treating Insect Bites and Stings. This case Report is the Evidence of Successfully treating the insect bite. After detailed Case taking, Repertorisation and Consultation with Materia medica the remedy Ledum pal was prescribed. Certain remedies which are useful in treating insect bites are also mentioned. Thus we can very well say that Homoeopathy is been successful in treating Insect Bites and Stings.

Keywords-Insect bite, Stings.
Insects are a class of living creatures within the arthopods with a chitinous exoskeleton,three part body ,three paired of jointed legs, compound eyes and two antennae1.Some animals have a special structuire called sting through which they inflict wound and inject venom. A firm sharp stinger is imbended in the skin, followed immediately by secretion of venom2 .All insects donot bite. Some non biting insects are beetles .locusts,moths and butteflies, although these may produce skin raections by otrher means such as allergic reaction to their body parts,faeces or body fluids. Bees , Wasps and ants also donot bite but produce dermatological reactions by their stings.
The injected Venom can cause a localised or generalised reaction.Bee and wasp stings are painful and followed by rapid Swelling3.The skin may be broken and become infected. If not treated properly, these local infections may become severe and cause a condition known as Cellulitis4.Pyoderma is the most common Complication of arthropod bite5
Therefore this case was undertaken to initiate and enlighten the role of homoeopathy in treating Insect bite cases.
Case Report
On 22/01/2020 A 56 year old male came with a complain of insect bite since 5 days on his back in the right scapular region, with burning pain and numbness in that area.The wound was slightly oozing which caused discolouration of his dress. Patient had consulted a allopathic physician where antibiotics were prescribed and was not better for 5 days and was preferring Homoeopathy.
History of the presenting illness
5 days ago when patient was undressing he experienced a insect bite inside his shirt, he squeezed and killed the insect so he was not able to make out which arthropod it was. Later started experiencing burning pain and numbness followed by a small ulcer which was 2cm*1cm, with yellowish watery discharge. Patient is known hypertensive and non diabetic.
Physical generals
Appetite- adequate
Thirst-2 litres/day
Bowel-1/day no difficulty
Bladder-1/day no difficulty
Thermal-hot patient
Sleep-disturbed due to the pain.

Totality of the symptoms
Ulcer caused due to insect bite
Intense itching
Swelling in the affected part
Ulcer-better by cold application

Selection of the Remedy
The remedy Ledum Pal was selected and prescribed to the patient based on the basis of repertorisation

Selection of the potency
Ledum Pal 30 was prescribed to the patient, based on susceptibility and frequent repetition of medicine was done

Ledum Pal 30c 4-0-4 for 1 week

Follow up
30/01/2020 Ulcer caused due to insect bite-Better
Swelling – better

This case shows the efficacy of Homoeopathic medicine in treating acute cases like insect bite. The ulcer which was caused due the insect bite was healed and the patient was better with the ulcer,pain,swelling and itching.

Important Remedies used in treating Insect bites
Apis Mellifica- Swellings after bites, sore and sensitive stinging. Erysipelas with sensitiveness and swelling, rosy hue, carbuncles with burning stinging pain6.Red and white blotches with itching fearfully,appearance as of bites of the insect sore and painful8.
Hypericum- A great remedy for the injuries of the nerves, especially of fingers toes and nails, excessive painfulness is the guiding symptoms. Injured nerves caused due to bites of the animals. piercing wounds from sharp instruments, gun shot wounds,crushed wounds come under the influence of hypericum11.Injuries from rat bites12
Ledum Pal- Stinging pain therein, Pains are sticking, tearing ,throbbing.punctured wounds by sharp pointed instruments, rat bites, stings of the insects, especially mosquitos7.Injuries due to bite of Poisonous animals13.
Cantharis- Vesicular eruptions, vesicles all over the body which are sore and suppurating. Vesicular eruptions with burning and itching.erysipelas with great restlessness7.cutting smarting or burn biting pains as if raw9
Urtica Urens-itching blotches,urticarial, burning heat,violent itching.Erythema with burning and stinging6.Burning ,itching,numbness,swelling, oedema, vesication10

Insect bites are one among the acute cases commonly seen in our practice. Homoeopathy has a very good scope in treating Insect bites and patient can be free from all sorts of pain and ulceration in short span of period.

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on 22/01/2020

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