Homoeopathy in the management of respiratory disorders

Homoeopathy in the management of respiratory disorders


Homoeopathy has historically been associated with allergy treatment. Many respiratory disorder patients seek homoeopathy as a complementary treatment. Homoeopathy developed by German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, has long been used as one of the most common complementary and alternative medicine and widely used homoeopathic care is beneficial for respiratory disorder treatments globally. The procedure is said to be safe because the active ingredients contained in homoeopathic products are highly purified, and these purified substances are often used to treat patients. Homoeopathy utilizes the body’s resources and homoeopathic preparations, for example, strengthen the immune system, plays a very important role in the treatment of homoeopathic, which is beneficial for respiratory disorder patients. There is plenty of clinical research evidence, therefore, homoeopathy is widely used in the management of respiratory disorders.


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Respiratory disorder is one of the signs for which homoeopathic treatment is frequently sought.[1]  It has never been systematically studied, although homoeopathic care is beneficial for respiratory disorder patients. Homoeopathy is curing a disease especially by managing of minute doses of a treatment that would in substantial amounts produce in healthiest person symptoms similar to those of the disease the results of a given clinical trial, in modifying its results presented in healthy studies related to the manifestation of the disease in each patient.[2] Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) about 200 years ago posted that:

  • If a symptom causes in a healthy volunteer by the remedy, it can be used to treat that symptom in the patient.
  • If a remedy is potentised (that is, diluted and successes), it becomes more rather than less effective (the “memory of water” theory).
  • All diseases originate from the “itch” (psora), syphilis (lues), or gonorrhoea (sycosis).

Homoeopathy’s philosophy is well explained in Scientific terms by George Vithoulkas in his “Science of Homoeopathy.” He explains the basic philosophy of Like Cures Like in terms of the Science of Harmonic Resonance. Homoeopathy is from the Greek roots omoios for ‘similar’ and pathos for ‘suffering’ This terminology reflects the principle of “like cures like”,[3] which is the basis of homoeopathy. According to this principle, homoeopathic remedies are tested on healthy volunteers to evaluate their effects, which are used in the treatment of diseases that show symptoms similar to those caused by herbs. Homoeopathy is believed to stimulate the body’s ability to function in this way. Homoeopathy is currently one of the 10 most widely used treatments for a respiratory disorder.

Why use homoeopathy in respiratory disorders?

Homoeopathy is a natural treatment: it is safe, effective, and without side effects.

There are no interactions with drugs, supplements, or other herbal treatments you may be undertaking.

Homoeopathy works to address the underlying cause rather than providing symptomatic ‘band-aid’ treatment, bringing about longer-lasting results and better quality of life.

Homoeopathic treatment is safe for all age groups, including babies, pregnant women, elderly, and sensitive individuals.

Homoeopathy is effective for both prevention and treatment. It complements medical treatment as well as other natural therapies, reduces specific symptoms, and assists with pain management.

People do use homoeopathic remedies, with less percentage of the population reporting the use of homoeopathy globally. Asthma is the one of the common respiratory conditions for which people used homoeopathic remedies. In addition to providing relief within the short term for acute episodes of respiratory illness, bronchitis, rhinitis, and numerous different health issues, homoeopathy is incredibly compatible at addressing the tendency and preventing these episodes from occurring. Patients are usually stunned at however quickly homoeopathic medicines may cure asthmatic episodes and unhealthy bouts of cough. Prolonged homoeopathic treatment will bring the frequency and intensity of those diseases. In several cases, even homoeopathic medicines are withdrawn once the patients report no repeat of episodes of their issues. Homoeopathy offers various ways for minor infections and attainable hindrance of revenant problems.[4]

The medicinal drug accessible thus far sometimes perpetually not that effective, and generally have vital aspect effects, particularly in youngsters. For this reason, many of us autonomously look for remedies within the field of other medication. However, in several cases phytotherapy and homoeopathic medicines.[5]

Respiratory system is made up of specialized organs like bronchi, windpipe, nose, and lungs. this works primarily for the vaporific exchange to take a breath and exhale carbon dioxide. It conjointly helps to throw out toxins from our bodies. One additional role is olfaction (sense of smell). once the body system is disordered functionally it’s going to turn out the result in a respiratory disorder and occurs conditions like asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis. Further once disordered structurally it may cause pleural effusion, fibrosis, cancers, etc.
Respiratory system supplies required oxygen for body cell functionality, for speech, eliminate body wastes, and filter infectious chemicals from our system. respiratory disorder patient’s experiences a common symptom like breath issue or cough. The symptoms may worsen to mucus and eventually, the presence of blood is detected within the mucus which may be a signal of some serious underlying unwellness.

Many disorders affect the lungs and cause respiratory issues like respiratory illness, common upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), asthma, chronic clogging pulmonic sickness COPD, infections like respiratory disorder, respiratory illness, sinusitis, otitis, rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, pharyngitis and infectious disease, carcinoma, and lots of alternatives. The symptoms seem as projection blood or rust-coloured bodily fluid (spit or phlegm), shortness of breath, pain that’s typically worse with deep respiratory, coughing, or riant, a cough that doesn’t escape or gets worse, voice gruffness, etc.

The homoeopathic medication stimulates the system, acts as a natural antimicrobial and vessel, makes active the mucosa membranes to assist emission of poisons and stop the nasal infection from spreading to alternative components of the pinnacle like ears. Cartilaginous tube infections could be an indication of significant progress in toxification and homoeopathic medication is best suited as its ingredients act as a natural plant antimicrobial that stimulates the excretion of poisons. In cases of asthma attacks, medical care acts by meliorative the constitutional chemical change system instead of functioning on amine as achieved by standard medicines.

Treatment with this certain homoeopathic medicine could be an effective way to prevent respiratory tract infections, specifically given the lack of adverse responses and a good assessment of the benefits vs risks/costs connection.[6] Homoeopathy has few best remedies to cure acute signs and symptoms of different respiratory infections. Such infections include rhinitis, tonsillitis.They are usually associated with a respiratory disorder, sinusitis, ear infection, and general respiratory disease. the foremost prevailing illness of this sort is respiratory disease. it’s associated inflammation of the lung’s air passages, bronchitis. It can be either acute or chronic. It is alleged to be incurable once it continues for quite 2 months. The system renders oxygen to the cells and excludes waste from the body; the various symptoms of metastasis diseases ought to be treated showing wisdom as a result of lasting infections will turn out to be life respiratory organ diseases. medical care offers an exceptionally effective approach to those set of unwellness. Knowledgeable medical aid doctors will quickly bring down a personalized remedy supported by varied factors that area unit deciding the patient’s overall health and his addictions. The medical aid medicines for metastasis infections have the right solutions and powers to scale back the symptoms, their intensity, and repetition.

The reason behind inflammation can be microorganisms, infective agents, or some allergic reaction. the foremost common reason for the prevalence of the respiratory disease is that the tenderness of the bronchioles caused within the lungs because of fumes or alternative pollution inflicting agents. The mucous secretion emitted principally is whitish. Patients bear shortness of breath during walking, cardiopulmonary exercise, or climb the steps. respiratory disorder conjointly strikes the lungs and acquires affected to cause a slim passage to the airways. It causes chest tightness, pharyngitis, nasal congestion, headache, problem in-breath, and protracted downside of coughing within the night.

Infections of the upper respiratory tract and otorhinolaryngology are likely to respond well to homoeopathic formulations, and non-severe otitis may benefit from a tailored approach. When antibiotics are not advised, homoeopathic medications may be helpful.[7]

Homoeopathic medicines for lungs
Antimonium arsenicosum Useful for respiration difficulties.
Antimonium tartaricum Rapid, short, tough respiration, appears as he would suffocate. higher by lying on the correct facet. pulmonary emphysema of the aged.
Apocynum cannabium Lung’s congestion in dropsy. Gasping respiration. Water has swallowed the wrong we through the windpipe in the lungs which is a very dangerous condition.
Arsenicum album Breathing is laden and respiration unhealthy on account of respiratory organ troubles.
Aspidosperma Q The tonic of lungs, Thrombosis of the pulmonary artery.
Bryonia alba Pulmonary fibrosis and cysts in the lungs.
Calcarea hypophosphorica. Bleeding from lungs.
Elaps corallinus Haemorrhage from the lungs.
Hydrocyanicum acidum Paralysis of lungs. Venous congested lungs.
Quebracho Emphysema. Want to breathe during exercise.
Senega Chronic emphysema. A portion of the lungs is destroyed. Old asthmatics with congestive attacks.
Spongia tosta Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and cysts in the lungs.



Results for homoeopathic treatment overall came positive, with sooner resolution, reduced use of antibiotics, and potential prophylactic and longer-term advantages. Homoeopathy can help in all stages of respiratory disorder. Homoeopathy is widespread across the globe to treat metabolic process diseases safely. The right medication will simply wart, this acute crisis and cures it utterly. Asthma, inflammatory disease, and respiratory disorder square measure a number of a lot of samples of metabolic process diseases that result in blockage within the chest. Few known homoeopathic medicines for respiratory infection like Aconitum napellus, Antimonium arsenicosum , Antimonium tartaricum , Belladonna, Bryonia alba, Phosphorus, Antimonium tartaricum, Carbo vegetabilis, Hepar sulphuricum.[8] The prescribed constitutional solution has been able to prevent and reverse the progression of the disease.


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