Homeopathy for Covid-19 or how to improve immunity for covid 19

Handling of Coronavirus with homoeopathic treatment.

Novel corona virus belongs to family coronaviridae named as severe acute respiratory syndrome, coronavirus -2, SARS COV-2. The virus is transmitted via respiratory droplets and aerosols from person to person. Once  it enters the body, virus binds to host receptors and enters host cell through endocytosis and membrane fusion.There is a migration of virus from the nasal epithelium to upper respiratory tract via conducting airways  due to involvement of upper airways disease, these manifest symptoms ad fever, malasie and dry cough.  Greater immune response during this phase invades the release of chemokine ligand interferons, from the virus infected cells. The virus also. Invades and enters the type2 alveolar epithelial cells, virus Laden pneumocytes release many different cytokines and inflammatory markers such as interlukins IL-1 IL-6 IL-8,lL-12, IL- 120, tumor necrosis factor alpha, interferonBeta and macrophage inflammatory protein.  This cytokine storm acts as a chemoattractant for neutrophils CD4 helper T cells and CD 8 T cells.  These begin to sequester in lung tissue. Cells are responsible for fighting virus, and also responsible for subsequent inflammation and lung injury.

Due to persistent injury caused by sequestered inflammatory cells and viral replication , leads to loss of both 1and 2 type pneumocytes, diffuse alveolar damage ends in acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Homoeopathic remedies will prevent this damage and promotes immune responses. These remedies will bring back the altered vital force to stable state.

Homoeopathic medicines, it’s medicinal energy fights with the disease energy , alters the diseased state of a individual to a healthy state, i.e, to fight against the virus without any destruction inside and to promote immunity.

In a person if psoric miasm is predominant, if he or she is suffering with a virus, in this person only functional symptoms predominant, like cold, fever, body pains will occur. To prevent the recurrence we can prescribe antimiasmtic remedy.

If a syco-syphilitic miasm was predominant in a person, then if person was suffering with coronavirus  , with this predominant miasm, then the replication of virus will be more  lung tissue damage will occur, so the person suffers with severe respiratory problem, so here the vital force is altered to a greatest depth , known as disease.

So,  antimiasmtic remedy will  reduce the miasmatic load, so viral replication will be reduced  , further destruction of lung tissue will be stopped, immune response will be smooth person will revet back slowly with relief of symptoms, immune system will be able to battle against the virus.

If a person is suffering with with diabetes and renal pathologies , etc , if this person had been attacked with coronavirus, as stated by Hahnemann, no two dissimilar diseases of equal strength will not co-exist . So will form a complex disesase. 

Here, if a person was suffering with severe diabetes and renal pathology etc , the virus affected was also stronger, then forms a complex disesase occupies any other organ. So, to save the person, should treat the patient with miasmatically with minimum dose. So, that the person physical quality of life will be better.

So, in this way homoeopathy is saving en number of persons from this virus and post viral complications.

Homoeopathy will improve the physical quality of life, will save the person from many suppressions. Person will be free from the virus , will lead a better future.

In future also, if a person attacked with virus again, hisor her vital force will smoothly fight with the virus, due to previous use of Homoeopathic medicine.

We can save the nation with Homoeopathy, from this virus.

About Author: Dr.Aparna, BHMS MD

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