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Homeopathic Book Review: Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica Reviewed By Dr Yash Soni

INTRODUCTION -A Book which every student of Homeopathy must have. As The Name suggests Lectures. So how this Book was formed So this is not a Book which Dr Kent wrote himself This Book is actually notes written by students while Dr Kent were delivering lectures to students in Homeopathy. So the Interesting part of This notes of lecture is that if you read this book with lots of heart and patience You can visualize Dr Kent himself Giving lecture to you (this is feeling one can get while reading the book) When I say why this is must have Book Or my most favourite Book of mine So I will be giving some Interesting points which justify this.

First This Book teaches you in detail how actual symptoms appear in Patient in the consultation room How those symptoms are presented, and how to perceive these symptoms. So basically Kent’s Materia medica will teach you case taking analysis evaluation, it’s not just Materia medica it’s complete package of Homeopathy Whole Homeopathy is being taught here starting from organon to materia medica to analysis .and what’s the best part of Materia medica aspect first every symptom is explained in detail briefly with actual case examples that Dr Kent have seen in his practice ,Close drugs are differentiated therapeutically ,sea of mental symptoms given .but most best part that I Love about Dr Kent is In between Advices that Dr Kent gives us that a How a Homeopath Dr should be .


1-Observation skill during case taking and how modality of particular case needs to be noted is taught so well in above example –

In brain troubles, if you put an Apis patient with congestion of the brain into a warm bath he will go into convulsions, and consequently warm bathing is not always “good for fits.” It is taught in old school text-books so much that the old women and nurses know that a hot bath is good for fits, and before you get there just as like as not you will have a dead baby. This congestion of the brain, with little twitching’s and threatening convulsions, makes them put the baby in a hot bath and it is in an awful state when you get there. If the baby needs Op. or Apis in congestion of the brain the fits become worse by bathing in hot water. If the nurse has been doing that kind of business you have learned the remedy as soon as you enter the house, for she will say the child has been worse ever since the warm bath, has become pale as a ghost and she was afraid he was going to die. There you have convulsions worse from heat, pointing especially to Op. and Apis.

2-Dr Kent advises so well about how one should emergencies remedies and how different cases of haemorrhages are mentioned with specific practical indication and different remedies explained

3-Another example of differentiating remedies and making us all confident the scope of homeopathy in grave emergency condition also 

4- How nicely Kent has Described perfect physical constitution.-

Sepia is suited to tall, slim women with narrow pelvis and lax fibres and muscles; such a woman is not well built as a woman. A woman who has the hips of a well-built man is not built for child bearing; she cannot perform the functions of a woman without becoming relaxed in the pelvic organs and tissues. Such a build is a Sepia build, very tall, slim, narrow, straight from the shoulders all the way down.

5-Dr Kent has explained so well through  one of beautiful examples from nature 

Makes it easy for us to remember drug pictures of remedies.

6-A Perfect example teaches us the difference between acute remedies ,how one can approach a chronic case .Perfectly explained organon part of Dr Hahnmann that acute disease (tendency )is coming from psora .If one needs to cure a patient treat their psora by deep anti psoric remedies .

7-We all know the orphan feeling of the Magnesium group but this comes from the above kent lectures ,it also teaches how one can derive some clinical observation by logical observation of our cured cases (importance of retrospective studies of our cured cases )

8-Dr Kent warns and advises us to stick to Homeopathy principles instead running for short cuts 

9-one can find throughout the text so many valuable clinical gems that practically help you in your clinical practice

Tuberculinum bovinum be given in 10M., 50M. and CM. potencies, two doses of each potency at long intervals, all children and young people who have inherited tuberculosis may may be immune from their inheritance and their resiliency will be restored. It cures most cases of adenoids and tuberculous glands of the neck.

10-Beautiful examples and meaning of so many mind rubric explained throughout the text .

11-Another organon point so well taught how arsenic as a deep acting remedy is just an acute palliative for sycosis asthma. If one needs to cure asthma they need to be cured with deep anti sycosis miasm .

Title: Lectures On Homoeopathic Materia Medica


ISBN: 9788131902592

Pages: 1030

Format: Hard Cover

Language: English

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