Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Sores: Treatment & Prevention, Diagnosis and Classification

Efficacy Of Merc Sol In Diabetic Ulcers: Evidence Based


Dr A.Sriharitha Reddy
Associate Professor
Dept of HMM

The Merc sol is most extensively proven and widely use remedy in Homoeopathy, which needs no introduction.

Mercury was prescribed for so many illnesses that physicians became known as ‘quicks’; from this the modern word ‘quack’ is derived [a quack salver was a prescriber of quicksilver].

Merc sol is different from drug Mercurius Vivus (pure form), as the former contains ‘Ammonium Nitrate’ content in it due to unique preparation procedure followed, but the symptoms are similar in both the provings.

Merc sol is not mentioned in high grades as Diabetic remedy, in many commonly used repertories, including Murphy and Synthesis. But if we analyze the symptomatology in the drug from Materia Medica, we can best utilize Merc sol in Diabetes Mellitus and its complications.

Ailments from sugar (Allens Keynotes)

Ravenous hunger, with weak digestion. (Boger-Boeninghausen Characteristics)

Unquenchable, burning thirst, with moist tongue (Boger-Boeninghausen Characteristics)

Sweetish metallic taste (Vermulen Concordant MateriaMedica)

Inclination to vomit, with a sweetish taste in throat (BogerBoeninghausen Characteristics)

Urinates more than he drinks (Boger Synoptic Key)

Great weakness and trembling from least exertion. (Allens Keynotes)

Mersol also covers the complication of Diabetes Mellitus, like (Neuropathy- parasthesia) – intolerable biting, itching, over body, as from insect bites- (Allens key notes) All parts go to sleep while sleeping (lippe red line symptoms),

Easy tendency to suppurate (tendency to frequent infections) Vulva much swollen, with a raw, sore feeling; worse at night.

Shreds and flocks of whitish mucus are passed after micturition (diabetic nephropathy).

Case: A Male patient named x, of age 45yrs, dated 1.8.2020, complained of ulcer about 3cm, at tibial region, from one week. The ulcer developed after injury when kick starting the bike. The patient being a known case of diabetes, even small injury did not heal and started presenting with itching. Due to continuous scratching within a week it developed into ulcer, with scanty discharge consisting of thin watery pus mixed with blood, with excruciating pain, aggravated at night time. The ulcer bled on scratching, ulcer is irregular, jagged and deep surrounded by cellulitis with increase in temperature at night time. Patient had disturbed sleep due to pain. Thermally patient is intolerant to extreme weather. There is increased thirst, and lassitude.

On 27.7.2020, Arnica 200 was already taken by patient (self-prescription)

Repertorisation chart


Based on pathological symptoms the drug selected was Mercsol 1M, 1 dose, repeated in same potency in 2nd week. The ulcer stopped discharging and itching relieved after one week, and ulcer healed completely in 20 days.

High potency selected because patient presented with good susceptibility (seat of disease-skin) and symptom similarity. Medicine was selected based on pathological prescription but when other symptoms were looked into Mercsol covered all the particular and general rubrics as well.

He is under homoeopathic medication only and no allopathic medication used during treatment. Blood sugar levels are also under control with Mercsol itself.

Date- 1.8.2020

Date- 5.8.2020

Date 19.8.2020



Diabetes Mellitus and its complications are very difficult cases to handle in clinics. Mercsol works very well in Diabetic patients, because there is great tendency to inflammation, suppuration, abscess, and ulceration in the provings of Mercsol which is most common presentation of diabetic patients. This case was prescribed on pathological prescription, but when we consider the totality it gives unfailing results.

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Completed P.G. Materia Medica from J.S.P.S. Govt Homeopathic Medical college. Working as Asst professor in Dept of Homoeopathic Materia Medica. Experience:4 years. Worked as Research Associate, for Drug proving Programme, conducted at JIMS homeopathic medical college in collaboration with CCRH.