Ayush Verticals Can Help In Combating Heat Waves, Says Dghs

Ayush Verticals Can Help In Combating Heat Waves, Says Dghs

The director general of health service issued a public health advisory stating that nimbukaphala panaka, amra prapanaka, chincha panaka, nannari paanagam, nelli mor are some of the Ayush form of refreshment that could combat heatwave.

New Delhi: Against the backdrop of a soaring temperature and heatwave in several parts of India, the director general of health service (DGHS) on Wednesday issued a public health advisory stating that nimbukaphala panaka (lemon flavoured refreshment), amra prapanaka (raw mango refreshment) and chincha panaka (tamarind based drink) are the top three Ayurvedic refreshments that could combat heatwave.

The advisory also said that siddha, yoga, unani, homoeopathy, traditional food items can also combat heatwave. “All these forms of Ayush vertical can definitely help in combating heat waves,” the DGHS advisory said.

It said that nannari paanagam (nannari flavoured refreshment), nelli mor (gooseberry infused butter milk are the two major refreshments to combat heat waves through the practice of siddha. It said that breathing techniques and yoga asanas for temperature regulations are the two major yoga practices to combat heat waves.

“Pranayama technique like Sheetali is designed to cool the body through controlled breathing and these practices can be taught to both individuals and groups to help manage heat stress during extreme heat waves,” the advisory said.

It further said that certain yoga postures such as those involving gentle stretching and relaxation (Sukshma vyayam) can help maintain a lower body temperature. “Practice yoga in a calm and cool environment enhances these effects,” the advisory stated.

Similarly, according to the advisory, unani practices like drinking decanted water of unripe mango sweetened with sugar, consumption of panna, a refreshing drink made with roasted unripe mango pulp, water and sugar can combat heatwave.

“One dose of (6 pills) Glonoine 30C, could be taken as prophylactic medicine against heatwave related illness. The dose may be taken before going out in the sun, especially during peak heat hours from 12 PM to 3 PM,” the advisory said.

It also suggested some traditional food items including coconut water, cucumber, watermelon, lime, muskmelon (cantaloupe), ash gourd (winter melon), tomatoes and tender coconut flesh can help in combating heat waves. It is worth mentioning that the health ministry has earlier issued a public advisory over heat waves

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